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One of wOw Prezi's professional presentations, for gravy, the brand that is the leading local experience platform.

wOw Prezi

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of gravy

The leading local experience platform
Gravy provides a powerful platform to
Engage local consumers
Convert them to
Measure in-store visits
Gravy is a game changer
of all commerce of conducted offline and locally.
Customers are social and seek out local events
Gravy combines live local events + social media + promotions → delivers to consumer
Experience 360
People search Google 2.5 Billion times per year for “something locally to do” and 80% can’t find good results and abandon the search.
Gravy solved this problem from consumers with an innovative and catalytic platform:
Experience 360.
Deploy Anywhere
Social Media Feeds
Local Content
Gravy Experience 360 Platform
Deploy anywhere on any device or media
We make
turn into
of consumers trust advertising but
trust and depend of
peer recommendations.
Peer recommendations drive
local commerce.
Gravy allows customers to view
peer reviews
local store promotions
all in the same place.

Meet the
Gravy Team
Jeff White
Product & Business Strategy
DC Technology Entrepreneur of the Year
Built and sold 3 companies

Carolyn Parent
Client & Revenue Strategy
Sales Executive
Fortune 500
Global salesforce
Jeff Musa
Mobile Strategy
Mobile trailblazer,
Sold mobile start-up to public company
Victoria Clark
Creative & Marketing Strategy
10+ years of digital agency and in-house experience
Hill Holliday
Guy Decorte
Tech & Development Strategy
20+Years in platform,
Built largest ecommerce platform in US
Cal Cooper
Strategy and Market Execution
Seasoned entrepreneur
Global strategy with several exits from his previous companies
Linda Abraham
Gravy Board Member
Co-Founder comScore
Aaron Vance
Partner Content & Revenue
18 years in internet, analytics, AOL
Barry white
SMB Leader
Consumer Analytics
Reporting and conversion
Win the Market with Gravy
Paramount, TOP GUN, promoted with Best Buy across 1056 stores and reaped 21,000 in-store visits.
Universal VIP screening at 3,000 locations with a 250% conversion increase.
L’Oreal promoted 75 stores in New York through gravy and saw a 70% increase in store revenue and 150% increase in-store visits.
What the industry has to say about
one of “Five Startups From SXSW to Partner With in 2014.”
“12 Apps to Make This Valentine's Day Your Best One Yet”-
made the list!
“For the first time ever, these products leverage the unparalleled power of events and social experiences and will change the way brands engage, convert and measure their consumers.”
creates drive to store and detailed analytics that represents the missing link for us. The results speak for themselves.”

helps target and engage local fans in a cost effective and efficient way.”

helped Universal close the last mile of engagement.”

Kelly Solomon, L’Oreal VIP of Interactive and ECommerce
Jason Lekberg, Eleven Seven Music
Doug Niel, Universal SVP Digital Marketing
is 1 of “11 Apps That Will Help You Have The Best Day Ever”
Wants to Help You Use the Internet and Social Media to Get an Actual Social Life”
listed as one of “3 Cool New Ways to Find Classes”
“Mobile Digital Mood Ring?
Targets Hyperlocal Events — All of Them”
“Smartphone app
raises $3M from investors”
Let us help you create something special today.
Jeff White
Take a closer look and Experience 360
Aggregate and Amplify Social Media
Gathers and collects all relevant social media feeds
Leveraging Additional Content
Gravy will integrate and curate local events

Local events, your promotions, or any other information desired – we maintain and keep all this synchronized and optimized to meet your goals

Powerful Content
Gravy’s platform allows customers to access and explore local events through little to no effort on their part.

Gravy continuously keeps the content optimized for the local experience and engagement.
Built with “Gravy Onsite Location Details” (G.O.L.D.)
You can now know the local impact, and in store visit data to see results in action
Gravy in Action
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