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Computer Science

No description

Zoey W

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Computer Science

Procedural Programming
Object Oriented Programming By: Amine, Lynval, Michelle, and Zoey What is Procedural Programming? Features of Object Oriented Programming Object Example Works Cited Uses objects (that have attributes and behaviors) created using a class template A type of programming in which a program relies on precise step by step commands in order to operate, ex: Python, C, Fortran, etc. Procedural Programing Example Taking a Shower in the Morning Ideal for beginners because of its linear shape and the simple logic behind it Get out of bed Take your clothes off Take a shower Put your clothes on Breaks a program into multiple functions which run in chronological order Get out of bed Put your clothes on Take your clothes off Take a shower PROS CONS & of Procedural Programming Faster to run because code is straightforward for computer to understand Pros Cons Portions of code are dependent upon each other, so code cannot be reused in different application, therefore, program cannot be transferred without having to rewrite much of the code -> decreased productivity Object - Dog
Attribute(s) - Brown color, Beagle breed
Behavior - moving

Class - Moving, Brown beagle - Attributes are the visual features that determine the appearance of an object - Behaviors are the specific operation that an instance of a class preforms Organizes data into groups so that code is easier to maintain, ex: Java, C++, etc. What is Object Oriented Programming? Attributes Behavior Object Since data is shared globally and each step is linked to its previous, it is easy to make one mistake which can ruin the entire program Not very structured/organized, so less suitable for larger, more complex programs of Object Oriented Programming Pros Cons & PROS CONS Can be challenging to learn compared to other types of visual based programming Objects can have relationships with other objects where they inherit their characteristics. It is easy to debug these programs without worry of affecting other parts of the program. Objects do not rely on other objects, making them easy to incorporate into other programs without adding new behaviors. Organized structure allows you to easily edit and combine objects to form something new The Future of Programming Requires careful organization and planning to make editing and debugging efficient Academic knowledge becomes a must have in order to program specific functions Will be made possible through the use of quantum computers What We Predict... User friendly, logical, easy to learn, read and understand Great for beginners of programming and smaller/simpler projects Worked great until there was a need to modify and extend programs... Computers will gain the ability to translate human language into code Computers will be able to write programs for humans Programmers define the data type of the data structure but also the functions it can preform. This makes the data structure an object Allows you to make modules (an independent piece of a larger program) that do not need to be changed Package: collection of classes Class: blueprint for objects Objects: created from a class, has distinct characteristics Data-fields and Methods: example: Mustang Field: yellow colour, black stripe, large engine Methods: drives very fast encapsulated info (hidden) Allows a class to inherit the characteristics of an existing class and add new characteristics ANIMALS mammals reptiles
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