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Final project

No description

Encarna Cánovas

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Final project

- We have learned how important is to know the rules to use internet kindly.
Sharing Stories Through Comics
We started creating avatars, and finished with comics . This has been my favourite part of the course. I have enjoyed a lot working with bubblr and ToonDoo.
Also we create an activity for the classroom, "Avatars' guessing game". My students liked it very much too...
Video Storytelling
Organizing a film in advanced using templates is very important for a final result.
My favourite tools: Storyboard, Powtown and Biteslides.
Very useful for the general organization of the classroom: Biteslides.
Reblogging: discovering new ways
Storytelling with mobile devices
Mobile phones are good devices to work in the classroom and many activities can be performed. Unfortunately in Spain are not allowed in most of the schools.
My favourite tool has been "animoto" for the creation of a silent film.

Collaborative Storytelling
Limits fade away with technology. The Global Hello Project, something to do.....
Find legal licenses to use
materials on the web
My favourite task and tool: STORYBIRD
We can introduce our subject in an unusual way.

Padlet, amazing to work with everyone...
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