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Worksheets for Active Learning

No description

Jen Mitchell

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Worksheets for Active Learning

Offered by
The Pedagogical Development Office
Vanier College
May 28, 2013 Worksheets for Active Learning What worksheets should do What should you have on your worksheet? Instructions
Structured activity
Place to put their responses
Place for feedback The role of the worksheet after class Teacher
Collect the worksheet and use it to:
Assess student learning
Give students feedback Kinds of worksheet activities Your best and worst worksheet experience? Students
Receive the worksheet back and use it to:
Clarify understanding and misconceptions through feedback
Apply feedback to future projects/assignments
Study for exams Concept map
Question and answer
Problem, scenario, or case study
Experiment and results
Peer-review rubric
Study grid
Etc Worksheets should help students structure their understanding of the course material Scaffold
It should be as obvious as possible to your students why this activity will be useful to them Structure Students often have trouble identifying key concepts and seeing links between ideas
Lack of experience in discipline

Worksheets and activities should help them identify and understand key ideas and connections. Bloom's Taxonomy Worksheets should help students develop skills in a scaffolded fashion Consider what students need to be able to do first before being able to do more complex tasks

Look at the course competency elements and learning outcomes for suggestions Be Practical Something that looks like an exercise in futility will be treated like an exercise in futility Build towards a class assignment
Help support a group project
Give them notes to study for the exam
Give them ideas to work with on an essay
Help them practice a skill
How-to tipsheet
Etc A good worksheet doesn't stop working at the end of class Image courtesy of nongpimmy/ freedigitalphotos.net
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