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WorldGranny - 30 things you (didn't) know about us


Floor Mulder

on 5 March 2012

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Transcript of WorldGranny - 30 things you (didn't) know about us

30 things you (didn't) know about us 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 10 11 12 13 14 I WorldGranny By Caroline van Dullemen ... Besides Caroline, currently 5 work for WorldGranny people Boudewijn Sterk Floor Mulder Jansje van Middendorp Merlijn Kouprie Solveigh Balogh Programme manager P&D Network Communications & Event management Programme manager P&D Network Programme manager Care & Support Manager External Relations & Resource Management ... they probably could'nt do that without Our Fabulous interns Daphne Willems Yael Ribco was founded in 2004 Did you know.. Grannies We ...'Cause they're just awesome! ...'Cause more and more, they take
care of vulnerable children... ...'Cause they're among the poorest people in developing countries... ...'Cause they deserve a lovely
home, decent food and laughter... ..And mainly, we love them.. ...Working together with local organizations is WorldGranny's startingpoint, PEFO CASPAM Voluntas Dei Institute Fundación Horizontes Family Health Trust PADI Kwa Wazee Tanzania Ikamva Labantu Resource Integration Center Lao Red Cross HAI Sudan we currently work with: Did you know.. ...we're partners with HelpAge International? AND... we're taking our relationship to the next level? As in 2011.. we'll become
SISTERS! Did you know.. Did you know.. Did you know.. ...with the generous support of the
We recently moved into a new office? ... there's always Houmous, fresh bread and a shared appetite for our daily lunch? This is all very nice... but in the end, we all work at Worldgranny because.. (honestly!) Ina Allenhoefer Did you know.. The Grannies 2 Grannies currently support a World- Granny project in Uganda, where our partner WorldGranny now has projects running in countries 12 15 Laura Franco
Martin & the P&D Network currently 8 projects running in countries 10 has PEFO is building new houses for local grannies! In the Netherlands, WorldGranny raises funds for all these projects.. For example by kissing... Did you know.. ...WorldGranny is an approved charity by the Central Bureau of Fundraising in the Netherlands? In 2010, we have the ambition to make the best annual report, that a Dutch Non-Profit organisation has EVER made. to win the transparency price AND Speaking of sisters.. Grannies to Grannies is a group of Dutch grandmothers who symphatize with WorldGranny, and want to aid their fellow grannies in developing countries.

The G2G raise awareness on global ageing and search for funding of a specific Worldgranny project

And, as they are grannies as well: They're awesome! We are supported by our ambassadors, such as the Dutch actress/ singer Gerda Havertong ..the Dutch Princess Máxima visited our lustrumseminar on Micro Pensions and launched the P&D website ..we also enjoy a glass of wine every once in a while, especially STROOMOPWAARTS wine, as for every sold bottle of this tasty wine, 1 euro is donated to WorldGranny! The label is designed by Jeroen Krabbé, a famous Dutch actor, director, artist and...
WorldGranny ambassador! Social media! Caroline founded to aid older people in less developed countries, as the challenges of the world have become Luckily, she has found that many also care about grannies all around the Worldgranny u n d e n i a b l e aging WORLD... people Did you know.. Did you know.. .. the WorldGranny board consists of eight enthousiastic people from different fields of interest Pauline Meurs, chairwoman, about WorldGranny (in DUTCH) Prof. Dr. Pauline Meurs - Chairwoman Drs. Remco Hoeffnagel - Secretary Drs. Yvonne Witter

Drs. Freddy May

Jerry Blekkenhorst Ba.HM

Drs. Alexander van de Kerkhof

Prof. Guus Boender This is especially the case in undeveloped areas.. POOR @WorldGranny /worldgranny world-granny. /worldgranny Follow us via /photos/worldgranny Drs. Eegje Schoo

Prof. dr. Paul Schnabel

Drs. Maria Henneman

Ilona Hofstra

Gerda Havertong

Drs. Frans van Loon

Tom Roos
Else Marie van den Eerenbeemt

Herman Bril

Jenneke van Pijpen

Prof. dr. Jan Kuné

Erik van Laar

Fabian Fagel

Joanne Kellermann Advisory Board Meet our varied & experienced Former Minister of Development Cooperation and Dutch ambassador in India
Director of The Netherlands Institute for Social Research
Media-communicationspecialist & former editor in chief of the Dutch news program Netwerk Former Director of ING Emerging Markets &
Former chairman Foster Parents Plan International Dutch Actress and Singer Programme maker and media trainer Family Psychologist Director De Nederlandsche Bank Managing Director at Cardano (Solvency Management & Risk Managemen) Former Vice-Chairwoman ABVAKABO / FNV (Labor Union)
and former Board Member at Care & Welfare Fund Professor in Pension Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, and affiliated with the Pension Fund ABP
Vice-chairman of the Dutch Centre of Directors and Executives (NCD)
Lecturer Operations & Process Management International Institute for Hospitalty Management Den Haag
...WorldGranny has taken the lead of the Pension & Development Network. This is a network of financial organizations, The Netherlands Central Bank and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that assists Micro Finance Institutes in the setting up of micro pension schemes. Our caption means 'Future for Generations',
which entails our whole vision:

Investing in older people contributes to a structural poverty reduction. Not only for the older person self, but also for their families and environment. So Investing in older people in developing countries, is investing in the FUTURE We've got many enthousiastic volunteers Former division director monitoring
insurances at the Nederlandsche Bank Anne Karthaus Renee Chiu Rosanne Slootweg Paul Schluter Cindy Yuang ANdrea Colombo Did you know that... WorldGranny also publishes articles in various magazines and papers? (click to enlarge) “Cooking had become very difficult. With this activity [the six brick stove], less fire wood is needed and it’s making our lives easy since we depend on firewood for cooking”. (Uganda)

"I and my colleges, we are very much grateful to the staff for the good food, coffee, tea as well as health care and monthly cash transfers money they are providing us continuously without any discrimination of religion and racism." - Ayalew Kebede from Ethiopie

"I and my family have benefited from the micro credit loan, health information (talks) and health check-up. I and my family now participate in the morning exercise which we feel is very important for us to maintain our health status." - Ms. Mui from Vietnam

"The support is ensuring the whole family to get medical services in case one of us falls sick." - Mary Ngonyani from Tanzania

-Quotes from the field- Quakers
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