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Changes To BTEC

No description

Matt Cannon

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Changes To BTEC

Changes to btec
A Matt Cannon Production
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Preparing for the assignment
Students need to understand the following

While Working on the Assignment
The tutor cannot

1. provide specific assessment feedback on evidence produced
2. Confirm achievement of grades/criteria until assessment has been submitted
Submission of EVidence
hand in assignment
sign and date declaration
formally record and confirm achievement
confirm assessment is authentic
Tutors cannot
provide feedback or guidance on how to improve evidence to gain higher grades
In order to resubmit students have to meet the following criteria

1. Met the deadline
2. Learner is judged by the tutor to be capable of improving assignment without guidance of the tutor
3. Assessor has authenticated the evidence submitted for assessment and evidence is accompanied by a sign and dated declaration of authenticity
Standards Verification for resubs
Tutors will need to provide

evidence of lead IV authorisation, signed and dated with resubmission deadline clearly stated
Initial assessment record
resubmitted learner evidence, accompanied by a signed and dated declaration of authenticity by the learner
A record of everyone who got a resubmission

1. if a student plagiarises they cannot resubmit!
2. You have to sign to show that they have not plagiarised
3. If a student hands in an assignment late and fails to get a pass they cannot resubmit
Procedure for resubmission

1. Give back work
2. Students can apply for resubmission from lead IV
3. Students given a deadline which has to be within 10 working days
4. Tutors cannot give any guidance
1. Assessment requirements
2. nature of the evidence they need to produce
3. Importance of time management + meeting deadlines
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