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The Mystic Monk coffee : case study

No description

Murlidhar Murari

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of The Mystic Monk coffee : case study

Mystic monk coffee : A case study
Fr. Daniel Mary's vision for monastery
Vision for mystic monk: found a ranch that met the vision but it was financially out of reach ($8.9 million)
considered relying on coffee operations to find the purchase.
Acquire property through donations and the profits generated by mystic coffee operations.
MMC's business model
learnings and areas of considerations
The carmelite monks have little HR.
not productive during prayers and other ceremonies.
the roaster has limited capcity
the online ad is limited on few websites
the platform for sales is not diversified.

Background Info
The carmelite monks of wyoming
Carmelites are a religious order of the catholic church. The carmelite led a life of solitude, silence and prayer. The wyoming carmelite monastery founded by Father Daniel Mary.
Vision of Carmelite monks of wyoming
"Strengthen the whole church in America and be a spiritual oasis for America"
" A spiritual oasis for monks, nuns, priests."
Mission for the monastery
'Creating a new Mt. carmel in the Rocky's mountains accommodation of 30 monks.
A gothic church
A convent for Carmelites nuns
A retreat center for lay visitor
A hermiterage --presented a fomidable challenge.
Mystic Monk coffee is a fund source for the establishing a monastery in wyoming.
The Monastery
The Irma lake Ranch was located 21 miles wyoming included
A remodelled 17,800 sq. foot residence
A 1,700 sq. foot caretaker house
A 2,950 sq. foot guesthouse
A hunting cabin
A dairy and a house barn
Utilize a high quality fair trade Arabica and fair trade/organic Arabica beans with cost of $2.99 and selling price of $9.95 per 12 ounce bag
purchases of 3 or more bags qualified for free shipping
the monk produced and whole bean and ground cafeeinated and de caffenitaed varieties (dark, medium, light) and in different flavors.
Business model contd..
The capcity of MMC's roaster
limited production to 540 pounds per day:
production was also limited by time devoted to prayer, silent meditation and worship
Monastery planned to purchase a larger 130 pound- hour- roaster when demand further approached the current roaster's capacity.($ 35,000 needed for the new larger roaster)
Major sales were made through this website, on occassion telephone orders were placed with the monk's secretary.
Secular website ordeer extra 18%commission for ads and sales fees.
The affiliate program's share a sale participation level allowed affiliates to refer new affiliates to Mystic monk and earn 56 percent of the affilite's commission.
the MMC also included wholesale sales to churches and local coffee shops.
The coffee Industry
150 million customers, 89% brew thier own coffee
30 million consumer prefer speciality coffee
Speciality coffee: Starbucks, Millstone, Seattle's best, Shade-grown, fair trade and high quality arabica beans.
Speciality segment has experienced dramatic market growth. Premium coffee sold for $ 7 -$ 10 per 12 ounce package.
Vision of MMC
"Use thier catholic coffee dollar for his christ and catholic church"
Carmelite donation: $250,000
MMC earnings: $75,000
MMC was reaching capacity with a roaster limited production of 540 pounds-per-day so a provision for new purchase of a roaster.

with the exception of the sample bags whose SRP is $2.99 are sold through website at bags $9.95.
frequent customers were given an option to join the "coffee club" which offers monthly delivery of delivery of 1-6 bags pf preselected coffee.
Mystic monk coffee target market is the segment of US catholic poulation who drinks coffee and wishes to support the monastery in this mission.
The website also featured T-shirts, gift cards, CDs featuring the monastery's Gregorian chants, and coffee mugs.

Business model contd..

>69 million America were member of the catholic church.
the monks paid the seattle coffee broker the prvailing wholesale price per pound which fluctuated daily with global supply and demand.
Mystic chants of caramel
Cowboy blend
royal rum pecan
Mystic monk blend

All varieties of mystic monk coffee were sold via monastery website mysticmonkcoffee.com, delivered by united parcel service / US portal services.
Thank you
cost of sales coveraged 50% of the revenues inbound shipping cost accounted for 19% of revenues and borkers were having 3 % of revenues.
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