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Beowulf Archetypes

No description

Julie McPherson

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Beowulf Archetypes

BY: Gabriella Castro, Julia Hafiani, Monica Nevin, Julie Mcpherson Beowulf What archetypes are at work? What Occidental leitmotifs are present in the poem? Male and female leitmotifs. Anima/animus Importance of watery transitions that match Beowulf's transformations. The fiery transition means that no lesson is being learned. Effect of the fiery transition. Affect of the theme on the plot The theme makes this epic accessible to modern readers. Bibliography Themes: hubris/gold brings death
Can be applied to modern and ancient life (universal)
All cultures and all time periods
All people must face these challenges
Modern heroes are tempted with both gold(money) and pride(fame) Themes: Hubris/gold brings death
Both of these themes cause the death of Beowulf
Other characters are also are also killed by this (aiding or opposing Beowulf)
Most major battles caused by these themes
Grendel and his mother- hubris
Dragon- Gold/hubris The importance of the watery transitions is whenever there is water scenes throughout the story there is always a lesson that a character will learn. Deals more with male leitmotifs
Sword of Power (male)
Gold brings Death (male)
Warrior Maiden (female) 1. Great Mother- Grendel's Mother

A. Destroys and Creates
-creates the ultimate monster Grendel who attempts to destroys Hrothgar's Hall.
- Destroys by attempting revenge on Beowulf, kills Aschere.

B. Spiritual Father- Beowulf
- light and spirit, epic hero.
- uses sword of power and gold brings death.
- most powerful, ultimate hero
- undergoes monomyth cycle

C. Transformation
-journey of geats to danes
- transformation of Beowulf to an epic hero Social supernatural goes to see
Hrothgar defeats Grendel Grendel's mother seeks revenge praised as hero defeats Grendel's Mother Seeks out
the dragon His people
leave him to die Dies with
honor 1. sword of power
a. Beowulf sword makes him powerful
b. gives his sword to Unferth= great honor and power
- Wiglaf kills dragon with sword. 2. Gold brings death
a. Grendel- rich hall brought upon his death from Beowulf.
b. Dragons gold stash caused Beowulf downfall to death Anima/Animus never fully balanced
Anima was more apparent at certain times
Example: Beowulf's generosity When Beowulf dies he wants to be buried on a hill overlooking water with a light. So that whenever people go past it they will remember and learn not to be so full of themselves like he. At the end of the story as Beowulf is about to die he did not learn a lesson. He has already learned everything that he needs to. Works Cited
"Beowulf for Dummies." Beowulf. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Oct. 2012. <http://csis.pace.edu/grendel/projf981e/story.html>.
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"Resources for the Study of Beowulf." Greene Hamlet. N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Oct. 2012. <http://greenehamlet.com/beowulf-resources/>. Water means life and fire means death. When Beowulf fought Grendel's mother in her home under the water. Beowulf learns from that fight that he can not be so full of himself because he went in thinking that it would be easy to win and he almost died. The swimming contest between Beowulf and Breca and all the monsters that they had to fight during it. Unferth learned that he was wrong and Beowulf was more stronger and powerful than Breca. No one has learned anything because everyone has died. The light that Beowulf put up for others to to learn from will never be seen in his country because everyone has died. No one will learn from the light. Beowulf is old when he fights the dragon, when you are old you are wise because you've been through so much in your life. "The Sea, the Mere, and Water Imagery." . N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Oct 2012. <http://www.shmoop.com/beowulf/sea-mere-water-imagery-symbol.html>. Doner, Valerie. "Beowulf Discussion/Questions." Class. Bishop Kenny High School , Jacksonville. Oct. 9-10 2012. Lecture.
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