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Hidden Aspects of Comunication

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Natalia Kemmerich Jaspeado

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Hidden Aspects of Comunication

Hidden Aspects of Communication
What do you think is comunication?
It is a way of saying, doing, acting or imitaing something or somebody.
What is Paralanguage?
It is a way of comunicating with the body or culturaly different tones of voice. For example: gestures, body movements, clothing and auxiliary communication.
In which we use
proxemix: is the study of such interaction distances and other culturally defined uses of space.
For example: A person of another country, they could be totally comfortable being relationship close, and we would not.
Body Space
Have you ever wonder what does clothing show?
Clothing is used in different culture can mean different messages depending on the:
Geneder, age, economic class, and the physical appearence of the person using it.
How is clothing used?
It can be worn for modesty, or usually to prevent seeing specific parts of the body.
For instance, In new Guinea, guys are normally top less and with a tiny strip of fabric as an underwear.
People in each culture use clothing to comunicate there status.
Buddhists type of clothing, They have to give all there things to there family and only wear this dress and other types of frabrics on top. It is there way of showing respect to Buddah, who is there God.
Religion and Clothing
Cultural Differences
Every place has their own differences, at the table, at school, to your parents, etc.
For instance, in Mexico we tend to live the table when everyone is finished or we consider berbing an act of rudness. In China, people consider burbing an act of courtesy for the Chef, it is a way os saying- That food was amazing-.

Culture also tells us how to orginize space in such a way to control the nature of interaction.
In North America, for example, the boss usually is physically isolated, in a separate room. This tends to be an image of "control". In contraste with the Japanese offices commonly are set up with the boss´s desk at the end of the row of pushed together desks, used to subordinate employees.
Work Differences
Typical North American Office
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