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Office of Strategy Management (DSWD) - Training Needs Analysis

No description

Arthas Lordaeron

on 20 September 2015

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Transcript of Office of Strategy Management (DSWD) - Training Needs Analysis

I am impressed with your manual / guide descriptions!!!
Have you experienced
conducting an interview?
A training manual or guide is effective if:
What elements (s) makes it easy for you to understand?
It is being followed (as in religiously) by the users
It uses laymanized and easy to understand words
It ensures learning is achieved
It has full details of the subject and presented in a sequential manner
It can be easily read and visually appealing
It has exercises and practices
It can accomodate all learning styles
It has FAQ
The participants and trainer have the same understanding of the its content
It needs minimal supervision to implement
July 19-29, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Have you conducted a training
(face-to-face) before?
Learn how to write a manual
Learn more about PGS
Standardized understanding of the PGS-BSC
Come up with a draft PGS Manual
Learn new methodologies and techniques in training adults
Identify next steps after the workshop
Learn to design training assistance
Facilitator to draw out ideas, fun, not boring, challenge ideas
Learn new creative ways of presenting ideas to audience
Learn to craft objectives
Have you written any of the following in the past
100 % YES
Your common challenges when conducting a training
Training/orientation/ workshop/ validation exercise is being a ground of "complain" or issues and concerns of all the participants
Participants not interested
Product of training in not substantial (hilaw)
Difficult participants
Materials and equipment issue
Venue is not conducive to learning
Suitability of the topics to the participants
57% -
43% -
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