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What Caused the Civil War?

This Prezi will compliment the 11 documents that you have worked on in your groups.

Josephine Darcangelo

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of What Caused the Civil War?

What Caused the Civil War What was the connection in the south between many slaves and fewer railroad tracks? Document 1 In 1860, Which Section of the United States had most railroads What were the South's economic strengths? What were the North's economic strengths? Document #2 How does the map help answer the question, What caused the Civil War? How do the circle diagrams help answer the question, what caused the Civil War? Document #3 Where is Hinton Helper From? Surprised? Why does he believe the Southern economy is weak? Is he for or against slavery? What does Frederick Douglas think about the 4th of July Holiday? How does this document shed light on the question, What caused the Civil War? Document #4 Document #5 Who was George Fitzhugh? What does he believe about the condition of Southern Slaves? How many years before the civil war did Brown carry out his raid? Who was John Brown? How did the North react to the raid? How did the South react? Document #7
What is the meaning of popular sovereignty? In what way did the Kansas-Nebraska Act help cause the civil war? Who is Roger Taney? Document #9 What Law was declared unconstitutional by the Dred Scott decision? What if judge Taney had ruled that Dred Scott was free? Would there have been a civil war? Document #6 What did Lincoln mean with the Biblical quote "a house divided against itself cannot stand"? How does this document help to answer the question, What caused the Civil War? Was Lincoln's Republican party in favor of abolishing slavery or simply preventing its expansion? Document #11 Kansas - Nebraska Act Dred Scott Document #8
Who are the 2 figures in the drawing? Why do so many Southerns send "Bully Brooks"gold headed canes?
Do you think this incident was important cause of the Civil War Document #10 Election Of 1860 What does Fitzhugh Believe about the condition of free laborers in the North? Why was Lincoln very upset by the Dred Scott case? Lincoln -> favor abolishing slavery?
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