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Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Cambodia

Map of Cambodia
This is the map of Cambodia. The places i went to were: Koh Kong (2 days), Siem Reap (5 days), Battambang (a few hours), Phnom Peng (the rest of the days). Cambodia is located South East of Vietnam and North West of Thailand. Cambodia's latitude and longitude is 13° 00' N and 105° 00' E
Sepak Takraw ( Kick The Volley ball )
Takraw Wong (Circle Takraw)

The less acrobatic takraw wong consists of five to seven players standing in a circle, trying to keep the ball airborne as long as possible. Other than football, takraw wong is perhaps the most popular pastime among Thai people since no other special skills are required except for creativity of movement.

Cambodian Flag
The map of Cambodia has the top third blue second third red and third third blue with a white Angkor watt picture in the middle. Cambodia is known mostly because of it's ancient Angkor Watt.
Meeting the locals.
Most of the Cambodian heritage is in the dancing but also there are ALOT of other indigenous tribes around Cambodia. The indigenous people mostly use traditional herbs and leaves for illness' and burns/scratches, mostly all medical medication are replaced with traditional herbs.
By Crispin mills
Holiday Reflection
Hello my name is Crispin and i went on a holiday to Cambodia (if you didn't notice). i did many things so i will try and list as many as i can. Firstly when we arrived we kind of relaxed abit for like 5 days then we took off on a like 150km Drive to the Village area far away from the city to visit the school that we sent letters to they were all the same when they were in there assembly hall place they all just looked at you with that normal face We stayed about 2-3 hours there it felt like 4 though because of the heat. The children all behaved there, there was no naughty children or like funny ones they were all dedicated. we had lunch there but i already had something before so i wasn't hungry but i had a little bit. After we completed that we carried on back to Phnom Peng where i kind of relaxed abit more. There was instead of ABC 3 they had a Cartoon Network which was like way better and then all the other shows with Khmer subtitles. we stayed at my grandma's for 5 days but on the first day i didn't remember there were mosquito's and i got about 30 mosquito bites on me (i wasn't happy). they stayed on my for about 4 days which i tried not to scratch but i did my best so they finally went away. we mostly stayed at my Uncles place who he owned a shop and i had cousins there so they kept me company. My ipod was mostly the thing that kept me from turning insane even though there was no wifi i could limit the things i had.
( O_O <-- Kind of like that one)
The Scv (Sunrise Children's Village) Helps: orphaned, abandoned, vulnerable and disadvantaged Cambodian children. There are 3 in Cambodia, One in Siem Reap, Phnom Peng And Sihnoukville. I did not go there when i was in Cambodia but there were alot of adverts and advertisement about these organizations. The SCV started in September 1993 by a person named Geraldine Cox (the women in the advert). Geraldine Cox was Born in 1945 in Adelaide, Australia and she is the president and operator of the SCV. the SCV provide food, a place to sleep and a safe area to play in. They help with Poverty, Shelter, Health and Education. Sadly i did not come in contact with them because i did not have enough time. The SCV have raised $6,703.00 of our $20,000 goal and that money will help children to go to school for a better life with Education.
This is a map of all the Cambodian tribes in Cambodia.
Linking back to the critical 10 Global issues
Health: Many people in cambodia do have major health problems when they do not have enough money to purchase medicine from the doctors but sometimes the pharmacies can be faulty and there just in it for the money but some are proper legitimate pharmacies but they usually cost alot of money, money that Cambodian people do not have.

Education: In Cambodia it is true that 1 teacher teaches 45 children in 1 classroom ( i asked the English teacher there ) the condition of the class room is nothing compared to what we have over here there just wooden desks with rubbish all over the ground and they don't have windows, smart boards or tubs they have black boards, metal bars on the window seal and they probably just keep there books instead of storing them in the tubs.

Waste: In Cambodia there is so much rubbish there it's like every leaf you see in Australia is rubbish that's how much there is of rubbish it is everywhere on the side of roads, on footpaths, in the paddocks, in buildings. because of the rubbish there are even more disgusting smells you would not even smell over in Tasmania it's just horrible. Instead of flushing most Cambodian people just have a barrel of water with a cup in it and they pour water into the toilet until the waste has gone away.
(i may have not covered all of the 10 global issues but i could get as many as i could)
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