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Teaching Portfolio

Passionate. Dedicated. Inspiring.

Amanda Mitchell

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Teaching Portfolio

Passionate. Dedicated. Inspiring.
Amanda Elizabeth Rose Mitchell
Teachers know how students learn and how to teach them effectively.
Professional Knowledge
Teachers plan and assess for effective learning.
Professional Practice
Teachers reflect on, evaluate improve their professional knowledge and practice.
Professional Engagement
Teachers know the content they teach.
Teachers know their students.
Teachers create and maintain safe and challenging learning environments.
Teachers use a range of teaching strategies and resources to engage students in effective learning
Teachers are active members of their profession.
What are the facts in Hore-Lacey v. Phil Cleary?
Compensatory damages
Nominal damages
Exemplary damages
Restrictive injunctions
Mandatory injunctions
Specific performance
There are 6 types of civil remedies. Name 4
There are 6 types of civil remedies. Name 4
What is the difference between Arbitration and Judicial Determination?
What is the original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction for the County court?
Original: unlimited
Appellate: no jurisdiction
What is the original jurisdiction and appellate jurisdiction for the County court?
What is the standard of proof in a civil case?
(define in legal terms)
Each team gets to select a Question of their Choice.

If Correct = Allocated Points
If Incorrect = Loss of Allocated Points off Total Score and the next team gets a chance at the question

2 minute limit per question

You must have a score of 600 before you can contest a 500 point question
The Rules:
Year 11 Legal Studies: Revision
Arbitration: less formal
Judicial Determination: formal + more expensive
What is the difference between Arbitration and Judicial Determination?
What is the standard of proof in a civil case?
(define in legal terms)
On the balance of probabilities
The Groups:
The Victorian Supreme Court ordered author Phil Cleary and his publisher Allen & Unwin to pay $630 000 in damages. Barrister Dyson Hore-Lacey claimed that Cleary’s book Getting Away with Murder contained material that was defamatory. Hore-Lacey sued Cleary for defamation. Sue Hines, Allen & Unwin’s trade publishing director, said, ‘We fought the case on the basis of our right to make critical comment on aspects of the society, rather than individuals, as a book publisher must. And we lost the case on semantics.’ According to Hore-Lacey, an earlier offer to settle the case for $50 000 was rejected.
When leaving court Cleary said, ‘We were naturally disappointed when the jury of six women held in favour of barrister Mr Dyson Hore-Lacy in the defamation case he had brought in relation to my book Getting Away with Murder. I genuinely believed that the imputations alleged by Mr Hore-Lacy were not to be found in the words in my book.’
What are the facts in Hore-Lacey v. Phil Cleary?
Fakebook assignment
Guest lecture
Comic strip
Character flowchart
PowerPoint revision game
Year 7
French Revolution - VCE History (Introduction) These two YouTube clips, (the first one is from a group called History Teachers, the 2nd is from BBC Horrible Histories) are a quick way to introduce new topics. ICT resources, such as YouTube are a great way to break up a lesson and to introduce new ideas and topics to students.
Legal Studies VCE
Worksheets I have designed for Year 8s on the topic of the Middle Ages - crime and punishment
Designed for presentation and report
Research Assignment
Aim to use these theories as much a possible - as every student is different
Messages from Year 7s
Classrooms are more than a place for students to spend time - it is a space for them to feel safe and grow as individuals
The use of a range of learning activities is good for both formal & informal assessments as well as formative & summative assessments
Information can be presented in numerous ways, so why not let the students use & try a range of resources for themselves
Active reflection after every class is an important aspect of the teaching profession
Building a rapport with students is so important in creating a productive and positive learning space
3 week course of study outline for Unit 2 Legal Studies
My teaching philosophy…

“Every student has the ability to learn, but it takes a passionate teacher to encourage and nurture this ability.”

As a teacher I strongly believe that every student has potential and should be encouraged to find and use their passion. Every student is different and has different learning needs. I have researched differentiate classrooms and how boys and girls learn best.
Allowing every student to get involved in a lesson ensures they walk away feeling they have learnt and accomplished something: using a range of theories, e.g. Blooms and Gardner, incorporating many resources into the classroom, e.g.

ICT, newspapers and textbooks, will help to achieve this.
I give my all to the lesson and expect the same from my students. My responsibility as a teacher is to guide and nurture learning. Cooperative classroom lea
ning will allow the students to learn not just from me but also from one another.
My knowledge of what a
year 7 to 9 student
looks like tells me that they learn best when they are active in their learning, hence lessons need to be engaging, motivating and hands on where possible.
Year 10 students
who have their eye on educational pathways learn best in a more direct teaching environment. Hence some lessons have to be book or test orientated, but students will remember an experience more than a passage so even at this level experience has its place in the curriculum.
Year 11s and 12s
need a more structured format as VCE exams are based on linguistic and logical strength, but this should not result in them losing their passion for learning.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates.The great teacher inspires.”
William Arthur Ward
A bit about me...
I have a passion for learning, always have and always will. Received a distinction average throughout my university courses and loved every minute of it.
I am an active member of my local community;
•Adult Assistant for the local Young Christian Students group
•Involved in numerous Church activities such as;
Easter masses
St Paul’s Day
Christmas mass
•Played netball for several years and am also a qualified netball umpire
Hobbies wise I can’t go past a good book – English history is my favourite topic of choice. My most respected historian is Alison Weir. I especially enjoy writing, and one day soon hope to have my own novel published. When the weather is good I am often outside gardening or at the football, when it’s not I’m inside baking, watching documentaries or debating. Since 2005 I have had 13 opinion pieces printed in the Herald Sun, three in 2012.
In 2014 I am looking forward to continuing to be apart of one of the most rewarding professions in the world and to continue to learn new things and to share these discoveries with my students.
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