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Palm Oil

Palm Oil

Mirsen Zirsen

on 23 May 2010

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Transcript of Palm Oil

An inquiry into the dangers of mono-culture Palm oil farming is one problem in a sea of different ones to do with mono-culture... it is also the one we are focusing on...
This... was once this... And these orangutans... Once had a home.... Do you really want to take away a
poor animals habitat, for the sake of... ...this?? mono culture causes deforestation and habitat destruction... which was once this... Another problem affects us humans more then it affects the enviroment: health issues..... HEALTH iS PALM OIL HEALTHY? no! EVEN THOUGH it DOes not CONTAIN TRANSFAT, IT RAISES CHOLESTROL LEVELS. IF YOU HAVE TOo MUCH, IT RAISES YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING HEART ATTACKS OR HEART Diseases! World Health Organization and other health authorities have reduced the use of oils like palm oil. There are companies that use sustainable palm oil such as body shop and lush! You must be thinking, "What does an Oreo have to do with an Orangutan?"
Well they do both start with "O"... But... That is not what we are trying to say... That is not what we are trying to say... ...It takes a lot of palm oil to make a pack of oreos... ...and to get the land to keep a palm oil plantation you need to cut down rainforests... ...which are also known as animal's habitats... Monoculture is where farmers only grow one specific crop all year round, such as soybean farming, palm oil plantations and wheat farms. Cattle Farming is also considered a monoculture... ...animals need habitats to live, and you can probably guess what happens when their homes get destroyed... As a result of Monoculture many indiginous people loose their homes Because... Of the expansion of Palm oil plantations Even though the local communties have owned the land for generations palm oil is not only hurting the environment its hurting YOU Even worse, they are moved out somewhere that does not meet their lifestyle needs , Like... Another problem that us humans have made is the cause of pollution Pollution There are 3 pollutions due to monoculture air Water and soil Air pollution is caused by the factories, as the oil is being produced smoke is being let out into the atmosphere which can affect a lot of things for example we can inhale the smoke and which can eventually kill us. Soil pollution happens when the factoies chuck out there watse. The things that they throw away have a high percentage of having chemicals and the chemicals will soak into the soil which will make heavy soil. Water pollution is when the chemicals in the soil gets washed into the rivers, oceans, and lakes, and kills all of the fish and coral reefs Do people care? YES people do care, KFC, Cadbury, and the Melbourne zoo are ahead of there game. The Melbounre zoo have made a petition against palm oil, cadbury has decided not to use palm oil in their chocolate, and lastely KFC have changed their oil to make a more sustainable decision. Really,
your're trading my HOME
for That? and its not healthy. These are the consequesnces of palm oil plantations. please help these poor animals, you can adopt or sponser an orangutan on http://www.orangutan.org/. Thank you for watching our prezi.
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