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Methods of transition

Fulda Summer University, 2013

Andrea Philipp

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Methods of transition

Methods and tools for transition
Understanding the challenges of our time
"with head, heart and hands" Transition Town concept)
between different persons, and their needs
Transition -
an integrative process
Fulda Summer University
Andrea Philipp, 2013
Realising projects - change is possible
inner transition - positive vision entwickeln
"Nonviolent communication"
by Marshall B. Rosenberg
"Wolf language" versus "giraffe language"

Objective: develop appreciative relations which allow for more cooperation and creativity in togetherness
Precondition: Empathy

Which needs and feelings are hidden behind our statements, actions and conflicts?
"When I notice (a) I feel (b), because I need (c). Therefore I would like (d)"
Changing together -
communication and cooperation
"Open Space"
"If the best conversations and discussion happen in the coffee breaks, why not design a whole conference like a coffee break ?"

Format/ methode for self-organised and self-determined workshops and conferences

Participants suggest the issues to be discussed; the agenda and workplan is developed and agreed together ("Market square")

Everyone can freely participate in workshops and discussion groups - and move on! Results are being shared with all
Deep ecology
"Anthropocentrism can lead to claims of human supremacy over nature that lie at the root of our ecological problems." Theodore Roszak

Objective: Living in accordance with nature
Holistic approach for the union of thinking, emotion, spirituality and action

Joanna Macy: "The work that reconnects" - Motivation, creativity, courage and solidarity for the transition to a sustainable human culture
Dragon Dreaming
holistic method for the realisation of creative, sustainable community projects, by John Croft

Criterie for projects: personal growth of each individual, community building, and active responsibility for our planet

Realisation in repeated cycles of: Visioning (dream manifesto) - Planning (Karabirrth) - Doing (incl. ‚Empowered Fundraising’) - Celebrating!
Energy Descent Action Plan
Energy Transition Plan on local level which is developped jointly
Example: "Transition in Action" Totnes / UK:
•Working with Nature
•Creative Energy Systems
•Ressourcing Localisation
•Nurturing Transition
•Empowering People
What are we waiting for?!?
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