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David Dodds

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Propaganda

What is propaganda?
Forms of propaganda
How propaganda is used
Why Propaganda is Used
Propaganda is a form of communication used to promote bias or misleading information. Information, ideas or rumors that are spread to help or harm a group, movement, or nation.

Usually delivered in secretive, subliminal messages. This is so the message is not direct or does not seems forced.
Some people argue that all forms of news are considered propaganda
By: Rieley and David and Julia and Kathleen and Aimée and Emily
How it relates to the book
News and Propaganda
Religious Propaganda
Propaganda is used through television programs to boost the public morale of Gilead
History of Propaganda
Propaganda is used through the media
Television shows
Books; novels, magazines, kids books
Propaganda is used and seen on a daily basis
Propaganda in World War II
Propaganda techniques were used very intensively in WWII by both sides.
Propaganda is used to manipulate the public in favour of a certain side, in hopes that it will change the public's beliefs or attitude towards a topic.
Used to remind women of what they are meant for
Using past pornography to show the abuse women went through
Showed their past rebellion over the rights they deserved
All forms of News have a substantial influence on the population as a result it would be an idealistic location to place propaganda
The journalists of the world argue that the News is a reliable source and propaganda messages would go against their standards
encourage men to become soldiers (serve their country)
get woman into factories to supply the soldiers with materials
get people to follow Hitler
"Aryan race" dominant race
discrimination towards Jews
Religious propaganda is used in an attempt to convince others that a specific religion or church has the truth in terms of reasons for mankind's existence and the after life. This propaganda will often say how other ways of life are wrong and to convert to the right way of living.
While the term propaganda wasn't widely recognized until WW1, the idea has existed for much longer:
Works Cited
The Greeks used propaganda in their theater and written works, to control the opinions of their population
During the Spanish Armada, Phillip II of Spain and Queen Elizabeth used propaganda

The term used to be for the respectful attention of man, it has evolved into a more selfish use
French and American Revolution
WW1, WW2
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