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Historical Fiction

No description

Mark Albarez

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction
Snow Treasure, Sadako and the thousand paper cranes and Mississippi Bridge
Snow Treasure

Music—Best Day Of My Life By: American Authors

Snow Treasure
Mississippi Bridge
The books we will be talking about:
Peter: Snow Treasure
Ryan: Mississipi Bridge
Mark: Sadako
Sadako is about a girl named Sadako that is a great athlete and is the star runner on her school running team. After her first race she starts feeling dizzy. One day she faints while she is running. She is taken to the hospital and finds out she has lukimeaia. She heard of a story that if you make 1000 paper cranes the gods will heal you and she will feel better again. To find out what happens read the book to find out.
Mississippi Bridge
In mississipi Bridge, the time period, and events, are real, but the characters are fake. In this story, it shows how white people, were being insanely rude, and mean to black people. And how there was karma so bad things happened back to white people, when they were mean to black people. A important example was when Josias, one of the characters in the story, got kicked off the bus. Minutes later, the bus Josias got kicked crashes. It shows how the white bus driver, was being mean to the nice black man. And then something bad happened to the white bus driver.
Interpreting, is understanding the meaning of what you are writing in actions, words, and information. In interpreting you need to understand the character feelings, and moods.
A interpret from Sadako
"Chizuko to bring a good luck charm"
I think all of sadakos friends, and family by giving her their love and care in gifts. There doing that, because thay know Sadako has a diease from the atom bomb, and she has been sick lately.. The presents, will make sadako feel like she has more love, and care from her family, and friends.
A examples of interpreting from mark
Snow Treasure is based during World War 2 and is about a few kids that are chosen to hide there country's treasure. The country's treasure is in gold and The main character Peter is one of the kids chosen to hide the gold. Peter and his friends face many obstacles, but they do not let these obstacles effect them. They keep pushing through these obstacles. Read the book to find out what happens to Peter and his friends.
Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is when either the
event is real and the people are fake or
when the people are real and the event
it fake.
One example of the event is real and the
people are fake is in Snow Treasure, Peter
and all of his friends are fake but they are in World War II and that is real. Another example is in Mississippi Bridge. The characters are fake but the event, not fair right for the blacks, is real.
Snow Treasure
Uncle Victor would have to be warned if someone were spying at the snake.
this shows that bringing the gold down to the snake is very dangerous because there may be people spying down by the snake
We hope you enjoyed our Prezi
By Mark,Ryan and Peter
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