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camerin ortiz

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Lt

Lightning Thief Chapter 4 Chapter Chapter 3 Chapter 1 Important things in chapter 1
His field trip to the museum was strange because his math teacher Mrs. Dodds turned into a bird and tried to kill him. Then Mr. Brunner gave him a pen witch turned into a sword and killed her. When he returned to the front of the building every thing was normal and Mrs. Dodds never existed
Important things in chapter 2
Percy heard Mr. Brunner and Grover talking about how Percy doesn’t have that much time till the summer solstice if he didn’t return something he would die. Then he left yancy and went on a bus with Grover and saw two old ladies cutting a yarn with a pair of scissors. This symbolizes someone is going to die.
Important things in chapter 3
Percy and his room go to the place where she met Percy’s dad. They eat blue food because his mom likes it even though he new husband hates it. He also finds of that Grover is half goat and half human and he is his protector.
Important things in chapter 4
Lighting strikes the car and they crash just before camp half blood. Then a mentor grabs his mom and she disappears. Percy fights the mentor and wins then he goes into camp half blood.

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