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Graphics & Animation

No description

Michael Hutchinson

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Graphics & Animation

Graphics Its use in industry Types of graphics Hardware CAD Games Photography & illustration Animation -Computer aided design
-Means designers can transfer their designs
-Simulate real-life stresses
-Game graphics are rendered in real time so it requires the suitable
-The generation of games has quickened due to
scripting languages like action script
-Games use lots of polygons to create a 3D image,
the more polygons the better the graphics
-Triple A games will use a games engine which will allow designers
to create the desired level/character etc. -The first animations were done using hand drawn images
-Graphics aren't rendered in real time so it doesn't rely on user's hardware
-Recently the introduction of 'real' 3D has meant that complex algorithms
converts the flat image to a new dimension -The tools available to photographers has developed over the years
Vector • images are scalable
• resolution independent
• cartoon-like
• inappropriate for photo-realistic images
• shapes are created using mathematical
equations/figures Bitmap • pixels in a grid
• resolution dependent
• resizing reduces quality
• restricted to rectangle
• minimal support for transparency Timeline of graphical improvements TailGunner Pong Frogger Super Mario Bros Street Fighter (NES) Perfect Dark (N64) Dino Crisis (PS1) GTA 3 (PS2) Halo 2 (Xbox) Little Big Planet (PS3) Gears of War 2 (360) Crysis!! (PC) Graphics cards are needed to process & display graphics. Monitors are (OBVIOUSLY) needed so these can be seen! NOW, 3D monitors are becoming more and more frequent and cool. Meaning we now need 3D graphics cards to handle this more complex data.
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