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Green Land By Trent , Deron , Summer

No description

Trent Stevens

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Green Land By Trent , Deron , Summer

the GreenLand Icecap By Trent , Deron , Summer
The green land ice cap
GreenLand has a icecap and scientest go there every summer to check if its melting or we are getting more snow
Humidity /Temperature
Green land only has one Icecap but it is huge. Green lands weather gets to about 56 degress in the ice cap in the summer and is below freezing at night time
Green land has 52,567 and at least 435 live in the ice cap or on the edge of it
wild life
You have elk, moose, polar bears, deer, goats, rams, birds. all hunted and all get killed and get eaten
500ft above sea level
Eat has from carrots to trees and in the ice cap there are trees not a lot
it snows 5 inches a week

The End
The end
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