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Maeve Ashmore

on 4 February 2014

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African Tribal Report: The Kassena
The Kassena
The Kassena live in the savanna.
Most Kassena believe in their traditional religion.

The Kassena make spectacular wooden masks.

The Kassena are a small tribe located in areas of Ghana and Berkina Faso.
They are mostly farmers thanks to the rainy season. But during the dry season they hunt and fish too.
They are also a part of a larger group of tribes called the Gurunsi.
They have no chief.
But every town does
have a council of elders.
They believe in the creator Yi
They also believe in Su, an element of the creator who looks after the humans, and is responsible for fertility.
They also make mud houses, which they decorate very colorfully and intricately.
They like really bright colors in their fabrics too.
Here are some Kassena children trying lollipops for the first time.

2. Mary Conners-Ashmore M.D. (my mother)
3. http://www.uiowa.edu/~africart/toc/people/Kassena.html
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