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We miss you Sue!

No description

Belén Marquilles

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of We miss you Sue!

Sue, we didn't know that you had left Pere Ribot Sue, we miss you... And we've known that, when we was looking for you to say hi, to see how your summer was, how you are... But we didn't find you And then we asked Maria Suarez and she told us that you weren't in Pere Ribot anymore... And we wanted to say that we miss you as a teacher and you're the best teacher in the world, we're sure! Last year, we learnt a lot of English with you.
And we miss when you came with us at the playground, and talked with us of anything in english and we gived you the answer in catalan :-) From Belén, Marta and Sarah :-D This summer, we were talking about, we wanted you to be our english teacher, and when we discover that you weren't it, we were really disapointed:( Next year... You WILL be our english teacher, okay darling? See you!!:)
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