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Healthy Churches Grow Disciples

Carl Rettinger

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Inreach

OVERARCHING GOALS inreach ministry
offers CLEAR
pathways to
Begin in faith
Belong to community, &
Become like Jesus Next Steps Establish a discipleship training ministry playbook and train Inreach leaders in philosphy and practice of making disciples who make disciples People Groups WOMEN'S MINISTRY inreach Healthy Churches Grow Disciples Luke 9:23
New International Version (NIV)
23 Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple
must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. Definition of a disciple: Learn about Jesus Live God's Way LEARN Intentional
Leadership Relational
Environment "more is caught
than taught" begin Be changed by Jesus belong Love your neighborhood
(inside & outside)the chuch become act on Lakeside's mission to
produce passionate and productive followers of Jesus hands heart head inreach wins for 2014 CARE GROUPS CHAPLAINCY / VISITATION LEAD LIVE about Jesus God's Way Others to
LEARN & LIVE Recruit and train team of 10 by Summer 2014 to go out and be the church to those hurting in home or hospital PRAYER MINISTRY Encourage and equip congregation for the spiritual practice of prayer by inviting the pray team into occasional worship programming and regular presence in auditorium. MERCY MINISTRY 1 in 100 RESTORATION MINISTRY GRIEF SHARE DIVORCE CARE During a weekend gathering, educate, and promote ministry for those in need in our congregation and community Invest in the leadership team and recruit two more volunteers for a total team of five by end of 2013 Establish a Restoration Ministry that focuses on helping people break free from issues and addictions with which they struggle. Identify team leaders, acquire/develop program, train leaders, promote ministry, and launch. Establish a Grief Share Ministry that focuses on helping people grieve and heal from loss. Identify team leaders, acquire/develop program, train leaders, promote ministry, and launch. Establish a Divorce Care Ministry that focuses on providing tools and support to navigate the emotions and issues associated with divorce. Identify team leaders, acquire/develop program, train leaders, promote ministry, and launch. Develop environments for connecting and equipping marginalized (working, working, did I mention working & single) women attending Lakeside Church SENIORS MINISTRY Develop and execute scope of ministry that meets needs of Seniors for a traditional worship experience and recruit a new leadership team by end of 2013 MARRIAGE &
FAMILY MINISTRY Plan a marriage retreat and parenting seminar for 2014 that equips individuals to create and live out of a Christ-centered home. Recruit three more lay leaders to mentor hurting individuals / families and three more lay leaders to mentor the pre-marital couples MEN'S MINISTRY Focus Men's Ministry purpose and establish strategy, programs and philosophy around that purpose. INTEREST GROUPS CREATE A FRAMEWORK THAT ENCOURAGES, EQUIPS, AND SHEPHERDS SPECIALIZED INTEREST GROUPS / SMALL GROUP MINISTRY SINGLES MINISTRY ESTABLISH A SINGLES MINISTRY THAT CONNECTS, EQUIPS, MULTIPLIES, AND PROVIDES COMPANIONSHIP FOR THOSE WHO ARE A SINGLE INREACH COACH TRAINING BAPTISM / NEW BELIEVERS IMPLEMENT A BAPTISM CLASS / SMALL GROUP THAT TRAINS AND NURTURES THOSE CHOOSING TO BE BAPTIZED, FOR A LIFETIME OF WALKING WITH JESUS 1. Create clear and simple pathways to discipleship

2. Implement plan to CONNECT, EQUIP, and MULTIPLY believers

3. Teach people to teach others about Jesus 1. We'll have clear and simple pathways to discipleship (including next steps)

2. The culture at Lakeside will be moving towards creating relational environments, spiritual growth, and intentionally leading others in their next step towards Jesus

3. Lakeside will feel "Sticky" FLY TRAP Create monthly events that take the "BIGNESS" of Lakeside and makes it "smaller" to help people feel connected and create a "stickiness"($1,000 month) DISCIPLESHIP HEALTH ASSESSMENT Utilize an assessment tool/service to measure our overall church/discipleship health to help shape our Inreach ministry and help us measure our future success. ($5,000)
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