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Do not steal

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noa Muscat

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of Do not steal

Lo Tignov is talking about kidnapping and so it is grouped with murder and adultery because they are all death penalties done by the Beit Din.
Why is Lo Tignov grouped with murder and adultery?
Ibn Ezra
If you kidnap your son are you punishable be death?
No, because he is near him and the father can access his son easily it doesn't count.
Do not steal
By Noa Muscat
No. You cannot kidnap anyone. Not even minors or women. In Devarim it uses the word Nefesh, which applies to everyone.
Is it okay if I kidnap a women or child?
Does it count as kidnapping if I don't bring him into his hand?
No it does not count as kidnapping. In Shemot (21 : 6) it says that "one who kidnaps a man and sells him and he was found to have been in his hand he is surely put to death". From the word 'in his hand' we can learn that he has to be is his possession.
Mishna Torah
You are not whipped for stealing because you need to pay back what you stole.
How are you punsihed for it?
'Stealing' means doing it in private. YOU WILL DIE (by the beit din) if you do this because you do not believe Hashem is watching over you and that he is not real.
What counts as Lo Tignov?
What is the Mitzvah trying to teach us?
It's trying to teach us not to kidnap but you can learn other things from it. Like not to steal money, or trick someone in business.
What is the meaning of Lo Tignovu in Vayikra?
Rashbam: It is only coming to talk about money.
Rashi: You're only punishable if it is looked at by the beit din as a matter of death.
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