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Oceans 02: Ocean Circulation

No description

Oscar Ernand

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Oceans 02: Ocean Circulation

The Second Bottle Was my Selection
Refer to your plotted points on the map. What are the names of the major surface currents your bottle followed?
Based on your knowledge of ocean currents, where did your bottle originate?

Is it possible your bottle could have followed different currents? If so, what were the other possibilities? Predict where your bottle would have landed had it followed those currents.
It would have most likely if gone a different direction with different currents would have reached South Africa.
Reflection Questions
What kinds of factors could hinder the forward progress of a message in a bottle in an ocean current? What factors could aid the movement?
Factors that could hinder the bottle are hurricanes, tsunamis, and to aid it would be wind and strong currents that would move it faster.

In the lesson, you learned about a debris convergence zone, or “garbage patch,” that can form in the center of the Pacific Ocean. How is the formation of this patch related to ocean currents? Where else in the world’s oceans are garbage patches likely to form?
Most likely wherever a tsunami will hit since it basically wrecks everything and piles it into one area

Hundreds of millions of years ago, all the continents on Earth were connected to form a giant “supercontinent” called Pangaea. How might ocean currents have differed during the time of Pangaea compared to today? Explain your answer.

Today we still have the continents changing , it just takes time.
By Oscar Ernand
Oceans 02: Ocean Circulation
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