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MIDE's slideshow

No description

Museo Mide

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of MIDE's slideshow

Corporate identity: for the first time we are
implementing advertising standards to regulate MIDE´s image

40 Media campaigns

175 Media PR publications
( 1’223,758 USD)

50 paid ads Make MIDE perceived as a unique, social and useful museum for people’s daily life in Mexico City
To make MIDE an essential tool for teachers in all different educational levels in economic, financial and sustainability subjects
To position MIDE as the Mexican center of economic and financial culture open to all public
Make MIDE awareness as an innovative, attractive, kind and tech friendly space
We want to become a marketing administration department Increasing presence in outdoor media

Increasing and improving digital communications strategies

Reinforcing and establishing alliances with private and public organizations within the field

Pushing up the institutional image of the museum Sponsorships & Exchanges: What we do Design, organize and operate communication strategies to position MIDE among our internal and external public 2012 Achievements 230,299 visitors
Participation in 12 outdoor events (136,704 attendees)
4 direct mail shipments a year (53,966 printed materials distributed)
222,630 visitors in MIDE´s webpage per year
280,319 mail contacts for email marketing campaigns
8,596 likes and 3,120 interactions on Facebook per year
20,652 followers and 5,760 interactions on Twitter per year
31,060 views 113 interactions on Youtube per year
20 events organized (2,670 guests)

43 MIDE newsletter designed for employees

14 leisure activities for MIDE Staff
(260 attendees)

MIDE receives promotional material from 135 different institutions Challenges Promotion & contents:
Professional yet attractive speech
One target, different ways to get it
Our audience: citizens or customers?
MIDE’s promotional image is still weak New technologies:
Backwardness and slow transition Community areas:
Restricted conditions to create and operate new social interaction
spaces in the museum Budget:

30% decrease since 2010
In spite of, we spend it more efficiently What we want to achieve? How? Media PR and Advertising Promotion Internal Communication AAM
and PR Office Media PR
Sponsorships & exchanges
Website, social networks and email marketing
Educational promotion
Social service administration
Event planning
Internal communication
Corporate identity Responsibilities Our young audience Visit MIDE as an school obligation
Voluntary attendance is our goal
Keep stakeholders MIDE:
A place for all new audiences
Teachers as allies
Special offer for children
Extended offer (families & other audiences)

4,998 contacts in an institutions DB
3,588 were sent to educational authorities
971 school groups (49,931 attendees) visited the museum
40 especial sessions with teachers (778 attendees)
44 agreements between MIDE and Universities (social service)
36,900 social service hours provided by 77 social coworkers Promotion Click here: http://ow.ly/hiXTl http://ow.ly/hiY26 Limited or none promotional resources come from special projects Competition:
Several new institutions are starting to teach financial education too MKT plan:
MIDE is not marketing oriented
An integrated marketing strategy is needed
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