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Pros & Cons of Confederation

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adam rout

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Pros & Cons of Confederation

Pros & Cons of Confederation
Atlantic Colonies
Advantages of Confederation for Nova Scotia

-Were iterested in a union with the maritime colonies.
Disadvantages of Confederation for Nova Scotia
If New Brunswick joins Canada the fisherman and loggers would have access to bigger markets in Canada west and Canada east to sell their products.
Advantages of confederation for New Brunswick
Disadvantages of confederation for New Brunswick
Canda West and East had their own railways but none of them joined with the colonies. The St. Lawrence River froze every winter, causing the water transportation to stop. An intercolonial railway would be the next way to transport items and people. The pros of this would be like distance between colonies would seem shorter. It would increase trade among colonies and delivery time would be much quicker, and lastly in case they were attacked mainly by the United States the railway would send troops quickly from one colony to another.
Sunil & Adam 8M

If Nova Scotia Joins Canada, Canada will have an equal amount of voters to make political decisions. Some decisions can't pass because there is no majority. So if Nova Scotia joins confederation they will end political deadlocks and can have a political voice to help make decisions that will benifit Canada.
What is Canadian confederation?
Confederation is the union of the British North American colonies. New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, they have joined together along with many others, to create a country we call Canada. Confederation is when Canada became their own country. Before confederation Canada was called British North America with many British colonies. Confederation was the deal made to make British North America a single stronger nation which is now Canada.
Nova Scotia wanted to unite with the maritimes colonies because of many reasons, like anti-confederates which was led by Joseph Howe.
They were concerned that Nova Scotia would have little influence in confederation.
Nova Scotia also had to worry about paying higher taxes for the progression of the
railway. Nova Scotia also worried about losing there alliance wth Great Britain.
Nova Scotia Statistics
Population- 331,000

Capital- Halifax

Populated Areas- Halifax (population 29,580)
Shelbourne, Sydney, Lunenburg, Digby, Yarmouth, Pictou.

Main Jobs- Fishing, woodcutting, Shipbuilding, and mining.

There were several cons in Nova Scotia joining
confederation. Nova Scotia could easily trade overseas and a railway was not needed but because they joined they had to chip in with the
construction. Nova Scotia and other colonies were worried that they would lose control over the economy of their colony. Lastly, many ordinary Nova Scotians did not approve or agree with confederation because they felt like they had more in common with the Maritime colonies rather than the colonies farther away.
New Brunswick basic Statistics
Advantages of confederation for Prince Edward Island
Prince edward island basic statistics
Population- 80,000

Capital- Charlottetown

Populated Areas- Charlottetown

Main jobs- Farming, Fishing.

Population- 252,000

Capital- Fredericton

Populated Areas- Saint John

Main jobs- WoodCutting, Fishing.
-More land
-pay off their debt
Prince Edward Island was in need of land.
The farmers of P.E.I did not own any land
to farm, instead they had to rent land by a Absentee landlord. By joining confederation Canada
(the other colonies) would promise P.E.I that they
would by land from the British and pay of P.E.I's railway
debt. When they joined Canada was true to their promise and paid off P.E.I's debt and was given $800,000 to buy land from the Absentee landlord.
Disadvantages of confederation for Prince Edward island
If Price Edward Island did not join confederation they would still be in debt and have not paid of their debts and would still have to rent land from the absentee landlord to farm.
Also if they joined they would have to help pay for the constructrion of the new railway.
If they joined confederation the railroad would be paid, but they wouln't have much use for it because they did almost all of their trading over seas and used boats. Also with the railway paid off they would have protection against Fenian Attacks with the quick transportation of troops with the trains.
When they joined confederation they didn't have many disadvanages, the only one they had was a pretty big one. If they joined they wouldn't have that much say in politics because the number of seats they have in the house of commons is determined my how large their population was and New Brunswick had a very small population.
Advantages of Confederation for Newfondland
If Newfoundland joined Confederation they would recieve different goods. They would also have all of Canada to trade all there own goods with.
Newfounland basic statistics
Population: 125000
Capital: St. john's
Populated mostly at St. john's
Main job: Fishing
Also if they joined it will help their economy because their market will expand and make it easier to trade with the other colonies with the inter colonial railway
Disadvantages of joining confederation for Newfoundland
If they don't join confederation they would have their own governmentto make their own personal decisions that fit their needs exactly.
They also had tons of resources for themselves and didn't need any help with that. But if they join confederation they would have to share those resources.
The only way that you can get to Newfoundland was by boat, so if they joined Canada it would be hard for Canada to inform Newfounland of news, give them goods, and give them supplies.
Cause & Coniquence
Cause: P.E.I built railway around the island for tourism.
Coniquence: They got in dept and owed a lot of money
Another pro in joining is they would get a ferry service (as promised in the deal) to connect them with the rest of the country and keep them up to date with the news.
Cause: Fenians hated the British
consiquence: They attacked BNA for revenge and had Nova scotia really scared
do 1 more sunil
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