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The history of cell phones

this was for my buisness class, it is a presentation about the history of cell phones

Ashley Rothwell

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The history of cell phones

This will show you the development and different generations of the cellphone. The history of cell phones. This has been the history of cellphones between the years 1983-2013. Today in 2013 we have cellphones like this: 3RD Generation cellphones offer SMS and some even offer internet and email access!! these phones were from the late 90's to early 00's 3RD generation cellphones . (iPhone 5) Offers internet searching, music, date time, camera, different apps, texting, and you can put a password on it to help protect your personal data. this is the most up to date advanced phone as of 2012/2013. Phones did not have a display screen to show you which numbers you had typed, and most were too large to take places. This was the very first phone (a "brick phone") (1983) but it was too large to fit in a pocket (1993)
This was the first mass produced GSM phone. but, you couldn't text on it. you could only do calls. (2003) this phone finally offered text capability. Pre- 1983 There were no cellphones up until 1983. many people used CB radios or a ham radio. with a ham radio you can communicate around the world and even to space on radio waves. cb radios only go a short distance (2001) this phone had a full keyboard and could store up to 64 mb of music (2010) the iphone4 came out. it was the first iphone model to have 2 cameras. 1st Generation phones. (1983-1989) another 1st generation cellphone in 1989 This was the very first real portable phone. it was smaller because Most phones were too big to fit into pockets. 2ND generation cellphones These were cellphones from the early 90's. they are considered 2ND generation cellphones and they are smaller and easier to handle, making cellphone use rise. 1992 this was the first digital hand sized mobile telephone This is another 2nd generation cell phone Another 3rd Generation cellphone
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