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EMTA ja EBSi kultuurikorralduseühisõppekava

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Transcript of EMTA ja EBSi kultuurikorralduseühisõppekava

13 years of experience

Fully accredited

Joint degree with Estonian Business School since 2012

18 students * 7 groups of graduates

15 international professors

Study in English

Linking theory and practice

Study Modules
Cultural Environment
- basics of cultural management and connections to other fields; law and cultural policy
Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
- theory and practical skills; volunteers
Finance and Marketing

Cultural Entrepreneurship
- including for example new media and branding
Subjects related to Master thesis
- methodology; knowledge and skills related to thesis

Master thesis
Major Learning Outcomes
wide knowledge of cultural management
development trends in cultural management, policy and creative industries
capability to define and adequatly solve key issues in the field

analytic and critical thinking
teaching, instructing and mentoring skills
social responsibility; ethical thinking
Learning Methods
active learning
lectures, seminars
research work
module-based study
Mooduli ained
Kunstist elatumise kunst (et+en)
Kultuurivaldkonna õiguste alused
Maksustamine kultuuri valdkonnas
Juhtimisseminarid (en)
Kultuuriprojekti juhtimine
Kuidas oma ideid teoks teha (
Lean startup

+ võimalus võtta aineid EKAst
Olulisemad mooduli õpiväljundid
meeskonnatöö oskus
loov probleemilahendus
ettevõtlik mõtteviis
karjääriplaneerimise oskus
ülevaade kultuurikorraldusest
teadlik juriidikast ja poliitikast
teadlik rahastamisvõimalustest
oskab töötada projektidega
oskab leida infot ja abi

Self-reflection&career options
Creative industries environment
Legal forms
Business plan&project plan

Topics of Research
-funding and sponsorship
-audience research
-marketing and branding
-(re)defining the role of cultural manager in society
-esport and internationalisation

theatre, music, museums, folk culture, dance, visual arts, film, literature etc.
More information:

Anna Ranczakowska-Ljutjuk
programme coordinator

Who are we?

Cultural Management MA programme
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Tallinn, June 2015
Prof. Annukka Jyrämä, Marko Lõhmus, Anna Ranczakowska-Ljutjuk,
Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk
Our graduates - who are they?
CEO of Arvo Pärt's center
Producers from Jazzkaar, PÖFF
Director of Theatre and Music Museum
Director of Ugala theatre
Advisors, administrators from Ministry of Culture
Workers of cultural higher education field (admin., lecturers)
Creative entrepreneurs etc.
Cultural Management is part of other departments of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Entrepreneurial Thinking
module 20 ECTS

Developed with ESF funding
Topics of the Module

Active Learning Methods
From 2014 - Erasmus LLP funded development of new module:
Social and Societal Impact of the Arts

-e learning
-summer school
Cultural Management

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