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Digital Footprint

No description

Harjass Sandhu

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint
-Do not post random stuff because once its on there it stays on
What Are The Harms Of A Digital Footprint
Everything you do online stays there for example lets say you post something online by accident and you delete it and think its deleted well its not it anything you post online pretty much gets stored in like a box and when its time to open it you will really regret it when you go apply for a job so stay safe on the internet and in life make wise decisions.
A digital footprint
is something you
leave behind on social networks like Facebook,Twitter, etc here is a quick video about internet safety.
Tips On Internet Safety
-Never give out or post personal info such as Addresses,passwords,and user names even to people you trust

-Don't share posts that you don't want people seeing.
-Remember anything you put on the web stays
on the web
-Be wise online don't put random stuff online
it will haunt you for life
Digital Footprint
The things that a digital foot print can do is
very harmful in the future. When you go to apply
for a job or at university they ask for your Facebook
or other social media network accounts and they work off of that so if you have done some pretty messed up stuff it will reflect all on your future so be careful what you do if you want to see light at the end of the tunnel you will regret it after.
by:Harjass and Nicholas
What You Post Stays Posted
Bullying a topic that allot of people are under right now especially online there's a form of bullying called Cyberbullying a lot of people are effected by it its basically online bullying so people swearing or just saying rude things to there friends or just some random people the in Internet is a useful thing but at the same time very dangerous.
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