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Magazine Front Cover Codes and Conventions

No description

Charlotte O'Brien

on 26 September 2011

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Transcript of Magazine Front Cover Codes and Conventions

Magazine Front Cover
Codes and conventions Main Image. The main image dominates
the front cover, its usually a medium close-up or close-up, sometimes the image covers part of the masthead but is always in direct address to the reader. Anchorage Pinning down an image with text Smaller Images issue date Masthead. Centered or arranged at the top left of the cover, always written in a unique font design. the masthead is the magazines trademark, and is usually one letter or word long. Main Coverline. The main coverline goes with the image
and anchors it to its meaning. Coverlines. Coverlines are normally one or two words, 'explaining' whats in the magazine. They are bold coloured and in roman text in a large type size and are designed to attract the readers attention and make them look inside. Barcode. The barcode is always located on the front of the magazine because the back page is most of the time taken up by an advertisement. These both frame the image. NO text covers the face of the main image. Puff. A 'Puff' is when the magazine give the reader something for nothing, for example free gifts.
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