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Chemistry Lab Equipment and its Use

This prezi will acquaint the first year chemistry student with equipment ordinarily used in the lab.

Linda Colman

on 20 August 2012

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Transcript of Chemistry Lab Equipment and its Use

evaporating dish
An evaporating dish is used to remove
liquid from a solution to recover
dissolved materials.
ring stand
A ringstand supports various systems in an experiment such as boiling a liquid or filtering a mixture.
clay triangle or pipestem triangle
Bunsen burner
The clay triangle is used to support a crucible or as an adapter to support a funnel. It allows the crucible to be heated red hot.
A Bunsen burner is used to heat materials. It must be adjusted properly and safety precautions should be taken when using it.
Common Laboratory Equipment
air collar for adjusting the amount of air in the flame
gas valve used to control the amount of gas entering the barrel
A buret is used for measuring very precise volumes of liquid.
A beaker has approximate volume measurements on it but it should never be used to measure volume precisely.
crucible with lid
A crucible is a ceramic pot that can be used to ash substances. It is the only piece of glassware that can be heated red hot.
pinch clamps
They are used to close off or pinch a hose shut.
iron ring
An iron ring is used to support a beaker or a flasks during heating and a funnel when filtering.
test tube holder
A test tube holder is used to support a test tube when briefly heating it in a flame.
A funnel is used to filter solids from liquids. Filter paper must be folded correctly and placed into the funnel. Filtrate will be contained in the funnel. Be sure to use the correct size filter paper.
A striker is used to spark a burner.
wire gauze with heat resistant pad
The gauze pad is used on an iron ring when heating a piece of glassware.
utility clamp
This clamp is used on a ring stand to support a test tube or other apparatus. Its angle can be adjusted as well as its jaws.
or single buret clamp
pneumatic trough
A trough is used to make an ice bath using ice and water.
fume hood
A fume hood is used to run experiments that give off noxious or harmful gases.
test tube
A test tube is used to run reactions with small quantities of substances.
wash bottle
A wash bottle is used to rinse the sides of a beaker or to help remove any remaining filtrate after filtration.
It should only contain distilled water, never anything else.
volumetric pipet
graduated pipet
pipet bulb
Note that this pipet can only be used to deliver 5.00 mL.
This pipet can deliver any amount of liquid from 1 drop to 10 mL.
Pipets are used to deliver very precise volumes of liquids.
crucible tongs
They are used to move hot crucibles and evaporating dishes. They may also be used to hold something in a flame.
Erlenmeyer flask
An Erlenmeyer flask is used as a container for mixing. Although it is graduated, it is not used for precision measuring.
mortar and pestle
It is used for grinding solids to powder.
watch glass
It is used to allow liquids to air evaporate or as a cover on a boiling beaker.
hot grabber
It is used to move hot objects.
(open is parallel with buret; closed is perpendicular)
Thermometers measure temperature in Celsius.
It is used for transferring small quantities of a solid, especially those sensitive to shock and spark.
It is used to transfer solids.
These are used to grasp objects that should not be touched with bare hands.
wing tip
wing tip on a burner
A wing tip spreads the flame out so that it is broad and not so tall.
graduated cylinder
Graduates are used to measure volumes of liquids and to determine volumes of solids by displacement.
The volume is found by reading the bottom of the meniscus of the liquid in the graduate.
triple beam balance
A balance finds the mass of an object in grams.
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