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Issues Wrong With Disney

No description

Zaynah Dee

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Issues Wrong With Disney

Issues in Disney
Gender representation
Representation of women may have stemmed from Walt Disney's personal of how family life should be. (O'Brien: 1996)
Disney set standards for how girls should grow up to find their prince. They should be 'beautiful, skinny, acquiescent (accepts something without protest), and performs housewife duties.

It's no secret that Walt Disney was accused of being anti-Semitic and racists against blacks and throughout some of his films there have been what has been described as racist references, verbally and visual.
How Disney Combated These Issues
In terms of gender Disney have tried to counter feminist views on Disney films by attempting to improve the portrayal of their princess; which could explain the progress. (Sawyer:2009)
They are also starting to make the princesses more independent an no longer focusing on the typical love storyline. As Merida is the first princess not to have a love interest.
First three Disney princess (Snow White, Cinderella and Aurora are very passive, all rely on a prince to save them.
Ariel first princess so show defiance and have her own opinion, she still naive and needs to saved my Eric.

Belle is educated and the people in her town judge for it. Seen in the song Belle:
" look, there she goes
the girl is strange, no question
dazed and distracted, can't you tell?
never part of any crowd
cause her head's up on some cloud" (Ashman: 1991)
First ethnic princess Jasmine, also defiant though the film isn't about her, she's a pawn in the film. In the end Aladdin saves her.
Mulan is the most defiant, she goes to war though in order to do so she must impersonate a man to do it, though in the end she does it as woman and is accepted.
Dumbo: The Crows - portrayed in a very stereotypically black way. In the song 'When I See an Elephant Fly' the lead crow Jim Crow uses very southern black phrases such as: 'I'd be done see'n about everything / When I see an elephant fly!'
Character Jim Crow's name - reference to Jim Crow Laws of segregation. (Agard:2013)
Aladdin: Aladdin and Jafar are both Middle Eastern but Jafar looks more ethnic compared to Aladin who looks more western. (Joseph:2007)
Jungle Book: All the animals in Jungle Book speak with a White American accent but the orangutans are clearly portrayed as African Americans. And they are portrayed to want to be 'real people' in the song 'I Wan'na Be Like You' (Joseph:2007)
The introduction of Tiana to the Disney princess franchise is a big leap in terms of race the traditional western princesses.
Though it has been said that Disney is yet to portray a typical black male prince - Princess and the frog the prince doesn't have to typical African American features like Tiana. (Agard:2013)
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