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Where the wind blows...


Hurricane McEwen

on 8 October 2009

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Transcript of Where the wind blows...

You mean Hobbies! Rafting... Information leaf blower! the grand canyon (no, it's not *that* cold) Hang gliding... news pipeline using traditional, social media, web 2.0 and on-line tools ‘Think tank’ for new and unusual ways to capture attention liaison with reporters across consumer, business, trade & vertical press Coordinate speaking engagements at key conferences and Manage events I'm the Public Relations you need! let's shake things up! Like a tornado on the plains of Colorado! That's all folks!* * not really, there's a whole lot more about Hurricane at hurricanemcewen.com horses: why? Hurricane is... *blog travel! HURRICANE isn't enough?! patient coach and trainer risk, calculation, nerves adventure evangelizing reaching for the sky! determination reading the current (trends) balls* twitter facebook linkedIn blogging networking connected to the Colorado community, and identify with the young (at heart), the old (timers), western (lovers), travelers (near & far) and... me 2009 State of the Map organizing committee *yes, even girls have guts to take on 'the most difficult thing possible'!** **quote from Winston Churchill's mom TV
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