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Soft Drink Industry - India

International Business Presentation

Abhishek Chaudhry

on 13 June 2010

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Transcript of Soft Drink Industry - India

Indian Soft Drink Industry India - An Attractive Market for CSD Market Huge Market Size Growing Middle Class Political
1977 - Demand for Coke Formula
1988 - Pepsi enters market via JV
1993 - Coke re-enters

Food Safety Laws
Prevention of Food Adulteration Act
Fruit Products Order
Bureau of Indian Standards

Strict but Stable Political Environment

India - 1/6th of World Population
GDP growth rate '09 - 7%

Economic Liberalization - FDI made possible
Social & Cultural Factors
Healthy Lifestyle
Pesticide Issue

Indians - Not traditional soda drinkers
Technological Factors
Advertising & Marketing
Cans and Bottles
New Machinery for Production

Environmental & Natural Issues
1L cola = 9L water
Pesticide Issue Internal Analysis

Double digit growth in Soda Sales
Fountain Soda - Coke and Pepsi
Pepsi - Food & Beverage
Coke - Bottling system
Pepsi - Innovative marketing and advertising for new products
Coke - New flavors, packaging, rebranding
Pepsi - Not all products bear the Pepsi Name
Pepsi & Coke - Pesticide issue, negative publicity
Indian Customer - Demanding + Price Sensitive
Pepsi - Expand Food division
Coke - Leverage brand image and establish healthy drink Threats
Healthy Drinks - Huge domestic competition
Packaging into right Price
Rural areas - CSD market only
Coke - Bottler Rumble

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