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Story time

No description

Katarina Jaksic

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Story time

Afraid of saying something wrong
Feeling lost in data
Writing a lot of pages
Story Time
Researchers are tired to death
Tell a (short) story
What do clients say about our reports?
Clients are bored to death
Lets do not waste your time on writing 100 pages without any sense and just focus on the good Executive Summary

Take responsibility, explain instead of writing „respondents say”

Researchers must understand (my) business. We need research to find the ways to increase profit, simple as that
What about researchers?
If you don’t give a damn about
client’s problems
, write doctorates

Let's face the reality
I don't want to waste my time on long and boring reports , give me a short and straightforward answer
Before writing the report, researcher should talk to the client first, why s/he is writing and why the study is being done

Working long hours
Help me make decision and solve this specific problem
So, what is the solution?
Answer client's business question
Put it simple and concise
Show the way forward
Make it engaging and memorable
The plot of your story should be around client's business question

You should know why the client commissioned the study and how is going to use data

Try to find out what is the the real business issue underlying the research

Create a plot around the key insight
Be brave
and recommend what should be done

Give recommendations taking into account
a bigger picture

Talk to the client
before you deliver the final report

Actually, talk to the client whenever possible

Structure your data into an
exciting story

Make an
effective prologue
- with surprising insight, very bad or very good news, provocative question etc

Use different
means and media
- video, audio, role play, quiz, exercises, etc

Brief, short, simple sentences

Simple language

Image tells more than 1000 words

Present time

NO writing „respondents claim/said”

Up to 30 slides ?!

Key take outs
Researcher = Storyteller
"Stories are just data with a soul"
Brené Brown (University of Houston)
TedxHouston (2010)
Structure your story before writing it.
Play with the structure to develop a story
Propose how the problem can be solved or opportunity utilized
Make a memorable opening but also closing
Wish you a successful and enjoyable storytelling!
More creative and rewording work for researchers!
Easier way to success
for clients!
Benefits for all
What is the epilogue?
How to make our reports more impactful
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