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The Outsiders

No description

Evana Saviolakis

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of The Outsiders

THE OUTSIDERS Reinvestment Project Conflicts & Resolutions CONFLICT 1 Character VS Character When Johnny got badly beaten by the Socs, he had promised himself that he would never let something like that happen to him again. He later on kept his promise by killing Bob, before he would attempt to do anything (resolution). From my perspective ... Johnny shouldn't have killed Bob because if he didn't do so : 1. Jonny and Ponyboy wouldn't be in so much trouble now. 2. -No one would’ve been dead. 3. They wouldn’t have had to run away. Conflict 2 Character VS Character Frustrated, Darry slaps Ponyboy because he got home very late one night (conflict) Ponyboy Then decides to run away from home to go meet Johnny (resolution). From my perspective... Ponyboy shouldn’t have run away. He should’ve let Darry know how he feels about the way he treats him because if he did so; 1. The fight with the Socs and Johnny most likely wouldn’t have occurred. 2. -Darry and Ponyboy would have a better relationship. 3. -They would’ve forgave each other earlier and both understand that Darry now has to be a parent figure to Ponyboy and Ponyboy is still wanting to be just a kid. Conflict 3 VS PONYBOY & JOHNNY NATURE Ponyboy and Johnny are freezing because it gets cold where they are (conflict). They then decide to huddle together for warmth (resolution) From my perspective... I think that Ponyboy and Johnny are doing the right thing by huddling together for warmth because: 1. If they don’t keep each other warm, they could get really sick 2. Cold weather can make you more vulnerable to heart attacks, so it’s important for them to stay warm 3. They could get hypothermia if they don’t do so. (At the church, trying not to freeze).
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