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Washington's Challenges

No description

Amelia Martin

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of Washington's Challenges

Washington's Reaction
Sent 12,000 troops to SHUT DOWN the Rebellion
Served notice to those opposing government actions
If citizens wanted change…must do so peacefully through constitutional means
Force would be used if necessary
The Whiskey Rebellion
Farmers were angry about the paying taxes on Whiskey
Resistance was mostly peaceful until July 1794
Large mob armed with swords, guns and pitchforks attacked tax collectors and burned buildings
Native Americans who lived between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River denied that U.S. had any authority over them
Worried about European Invasion
Fighting broke out and peace treaties did not hold up
British were “fueling the fire” between the Native Americans and the Americans, telling the Native Americans to “destroy American settlements west of the Appalachians”
Problems with Europe
The French Revolution Began
Many Americans were happy for the French and their hope for Independence because the war seemed to embody many of the ideals of the American Revolution
Proclamation of Neutrality
prohibited American citizens from fighting in the war and barred French and British warships from American ports
Washington's Farewell Address
Overcoming the Challenges of a New Nation
George Washington
George Washington's Challenges
Struggle Over the West
September 1796, Washington announced he would not seek a third term
Creating A Stable Economy
Nation faced large debts--could not generate $ due to AOC
Hamilton in charge of treasury
Implements Protective Tarriff
Creates first bank of the United States
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