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Mario Batali

No description

madison langlois

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of Mario Batali

Mario Batali Personal Life Professional Career Cook Books QUOTES MARIO SAYS Born in Seattle, Washington Mario worked as a dishwasher at Stuff Yer Face while he went to collage "A great chef is a great cook who can also
organize and operate a business or kitchen." "Once you've put your groceries in the car, the
quality of your dinner has already been decided." "It should be love and joy and music and art and dance and being together that drive us to cook, to eat, and to share." Went to Rutgers University, majored in Spanish, Theater and Economics He's italian on his dads' side and french canadian on his moms' side Mario later attended Le Cordon Bleu but left because he felt he could learn more working in a professional kitchen He now lives in New York City with his Wife, Susi Cahn and two sons, Leo and Benno. Moved back to Seattle when he was 8 because of his dad's work Shortly after Mario was born his family moved to Yakima, Washington Television Shows Molto Mario he was then moved quickly to Stromboli and Pizza maker After Mario served as an assistant in the kitchen in few restaurants in major cities around the world including Paris and London At 27 Mario was the highest paid young chef in the company In he started working as a sous chef at the Four Seasons Clift in San Francisco Shortly after he resigned and moved to northern Italy to master a traditional style of italian cooking inspired Mario's grandmother, Leonetta Merlino Mario opened his own restaurant, Po in 1993 With business partner Joseph Bastianich started "Babbo Ristorante e Enoteca" in 1998 Since then they have opened several different restaurants together Lupa (1999) Tarry Lodge in Westport (2011) Carne Vino (2008) Tarry Lodge in Port Chester (2008) B&B Ristorante (2007) Enoteca San Marco (2007) Del Posto (2005) Bistro Du Vent (2004, closed in 2006) Bar Jamon (2004) Casa Mono (2004) Otto Enoteca Pizzeria (2003) Esca (2000) Mario, Full Boil (Special) ICA: All-Star Special Iron Chef America: The Series Iron Chef America: battle of the Masters Ciao America Mario Eats Italy Mediterranean Mario Spain... On The Road Again Bitter Feast The Chew
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