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No description

Haley Ford

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of RASPUTIN

I. Early Life
Born in Siberia
Born to a peasant family

Born in 1872
After his wild lifestyles, Rasputin became a monk
Gained a reputation to have supernatural powers.
Was said to heal the sick.
Others cited examples of cruelty that Rasputin displayed.
Left home in 1901
Received little schooling
Never learned to read or write
In 1908, Rasputin met Russian Czar Nicholas 2nd's wife, Alexandra.
Alexandra found Rasputin fascinating.
Rasputin supposedly saved Alexandra's son from death of Hemophilia

Rasputin soon acquired a huge influence in the government.
He ensured that each of his followers were given powerful positions in the Russian government.
His followers wee untrained, unequiped, and bad at their jobs.
Politicians and journalists undermined the dynasty's credibility.
Rasputin helped such efforts by claiming he was the Tzarina's adviser.
Accounts of Rasputin's behavior showed up in the press, contempt growing in the state officials.
Between 1906 and 1914, Politicians used Rasputin's association to push for reform.
At the start of WWI, Rasputin predicted that calamity would fall on the Russian government.
Nicholas II took comand of the army, due to WWI.

Alexandra took responsibility Of the domestic policy.

Rasputin and Alexandra's relationship
Alexandra was always on Rasputin's side of any situation.
She dismissed ministers who did not agree with Rasputin and his teachings.
Officials tried to warn Alexandra of Rasputin's undermining influence.
Alexandra gave the impression that Rasputin was her closest adviser.
Rasputin is killed.
On December 29, 1916, a group of conspirators killed Rasputin.
Cynacide was put into Rasputin's wine and cake.
The poison seamed to have no effect on Rasputin.
The conspirators then beat Rasputin and finally shot him.
Rasputin's body was found three days later.
Water was found in his lungs.
It was concluded that Rasputin drowned.
Rasputin left an influence.
Before his death, Rasputin wrote that if he was killed by the government officials, then the imperial family would be killed be the Russian people.
The prophecy came true 15 months after his death when assasins from the Russian Revoluton killed the entire imperial family.
The crow, Moses, represents Rasputin.
Favorite of Jones, Talks of Sugar Candy Mountain, the pigs' tolerance for Moses...
The "Mad Monk"
As a kid, Rasputin was seen as a wild, uneducated boy and the other boys tried to avoid him.
Rasputin was also thought of as a psychic.
He could calm animals with his voice.
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