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No description

Claire Faulkner

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Pelli

"The desire to
reach for the
sky runs very
deep in our
human psyche."
CREATED BY: Claire Faulkner
Petronas Twin Towers
Buildings Cesar Pelli Has Worked On
For ten years Pelli worked as a designer for the architect Saarinen at the firm of Eero Saarinen & Associates in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
Saarinen was Pelli's greatest influence.
What Now?
Pelli aims to make his future designs more sustainable, he doesn't mean to design buildings that look eco-friendly -that isn't his style. He only means to design buildings that plan for the future and the future is going to be green.
Art Movement?
Cesar Pelli's buildings belong to the postmodernism movement that started in 1972 and has lasted to the present. This art movement evolved from the modernist movement, yet contradicts many of the modernist ideas.
Saarinen is famous for:
Future Aims
360 Cities Links
Google Maps Streetview Link
Vimeo - Pelli as an Architect
Petronas Twin Towers
The Petronas Towers (designed by Pelli) are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
These two skyscrapers were built in 1998.
At 452 metres tall, they were the tallest buildings in the world at the date of their completion, measured to the highest point, (not the highest occupied level).
In 2004, Cesar Pelli was awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the design of this magnificent pair of towers.
César Pelli was born 12 October 1926 in Tucuman Argentina, where he earned a Diploma in Architecture from the University of Tucuman.

He completed an apprenticeship as a project designer for several buildings in America.

After this he was Director of Design at DMJM and, later, Partner for Design at Gruen Associates, both in Los Angeles. Throughout these years, he designed many award-winning buildings, including the San Bernardino City Hall, California; the Pacific Design Centre in LA and the USA Embassy in Japan. He later founded Cesar Pelli & Associates. Pelli has also written many works on architectural issues of today.

In 1995, the American Institute of Architects awarded Mr. Pelli the Gold Medal, in recognition of a lifetime of distinguished achievement in architecture.

Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles

that the artistic qualities of a
from the specific
of each project such as its location, its construction technology and its
. In search of the most
response to each project, his
have covered a wide range of
and materials.
Timelapse of Petronas Towers
Watch first few seconds
“How much are they able to capture your imagination and your heart? Being tall doesn't necessarily do it.”
"... a building must be both background and foreground. As foreground, it must have some exceptional qualities. But it must also try very hard to knit into the fabric..."
Pacific Design Center, LA
Petronas Towers are part of this era.
Thanks For Watching
Dulles International Airport
The Saint Louis Gateway Arch
Miller House
Buldings Saarinen and Pelli designed together:
TWA Terminal at JFK Airport
Yale University
Yale University
World Financial Center
Winter Garden at Battery Park
Difference Between Modernism & Postmodernism?
- Both use few construction materials
- Both use lots of natural light
-Both use geometric shapes
- Modernism uses strictly vertical and horizontal shapes whereas Postmodernism uses more flowing ornamental styles

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