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How To Make The Most

No description

Lindsay Pike

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of How To Make The Most

College Visits
The Interview
College Fairs
Follow Up
Demonstrated Interest
Pro Tip: Say Thank You!
Check the schedule
How To Make The Most
College Fairs
Campus Visits
Open House
Regional Receptions
School Visits:
Check in - group/self-guided tours
Eat their food
Attend a class
Get lost and talk to strangers
Read the paper
Take notes
Fair Prep
Pro Tip: Don't wait in line!
At The Fair
Pro Tip: Start demonstrating interest
Post Fair
Open House + Regional Events
Find out who your regional rep is.

To Do:

Get letters of rec
Soccer practice
Work 5:00-7:30
Game Friday!!!
Review the list of participating schools
Research + Question
Circle the ones you like!
Check schools off your list
Introduce yourself!
Ask dynamic questions
Collect materials
Go with your gut
Pro Tip: Make sure your email account is college ready
Thank Your Drivers :)
Don't Sweat It
Check out social media
Go for a visit if possible
Build a track record of consistent contact - within reason
Make your case in supplemental application essays
What Schools Say
Stanford: "We offer campus tours and information sessions to provide you with the information you need to make an informed college choice, not to evaluate you. And we welcome calls and emails for the same reason. Please do not feel compelled to contact us to demonstrate your interest in Stanford; we know by the very fact of your applying that you are seriously interested in Stanford. We don't keep records of prospective student contacts with our office
Rhodes College: "Your overall campus visit indicates demonstrated interest and will play a considerable role in the admissions decision-making process.
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