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lubna naz

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of DAWLANCE

Presented by:
Lubna Naz
Nayab Rasheed
Maha haider
Consultancy by SIR NOMAN ASHRAF
Introduction of Dawlance company

Vision of the company

Mission of the company

Corporate belief

Corporate Responsibility

Dawlance Strategy

Product Strategy:

Products, which are as per international standards and carry all the basic features. The most important factors are durability, reliability and good after sales services.

Pricing Strategy:

Primary focus is to cater to the middle and upper middle class, however there is a selected range of products which cater to the upper class as well.
– Uniform pricing throughout Pakistan

Promotion Strategy:
Promotion budget is around 1.75% of turnover. 40% of which goes towards Print Media, 20% on TV, 20% on Out door and 20% on Sales Promotions.


Dawlance group of companies
Marketing Management
Placement Strategy:
More than 800 dealers spread across the country.
– 16 Retail Outlets 22

Marketing Strategies:

Our market strategy defines specific actions to perform the company aim and objective and keep its brand position within the market. The marketing mix is the organization's overall offer, or value, to the customer. 'The basic marketing mix is often nick named "the 4Ps“ (product, place/distribution, pricing, promotion). Here we've explored the marketing strategies of Dawlance in terms of marketing mix have been explored.

Market Segmentation
Family life cycle
of at least 15,000 and above
Print media

 Electronic media

 Cable TV


 Sign boards


A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event 


Market positioning is where your product or service fits into the marketplace.

Effective positioning puts you first in line in the minds of potential customers.

Market Positioning

Price schemes

Incentives of dealers

Support festivals

promotional activities

360 degree marketing

Pre-launching of H-zone.

Their advertisements are according to the segments.

Advertisement & Pre-launching

The company is targeting them through different activities without offering them products.

The company has started from now to position their products image in the minds of young generation.

Today’s Young Generation

Comparison of car and Dawlance.

H-zone, a health base refrigerator .

Blue light for food preservation.

A specially designed Deodorizer absorbs all kinds of bad odor in the refrigerator.

Market Positioning Of Dawlance

Other strategies:
Knowledge strategy
Esteem strategy
Differentiate strategy
Relevance strategy

Market Targeting Strategies

Market targeting Of Dawlance

All segments are targeted equally.

They never leave basic users and comfort seekers.

The main target is to register the company’s position in high end class.

Market Segmentation Of Dawlance

Style icons:
consumers who want to fulfill their needs as well as to maintain their status.

Consumers who are highly status, style, and brand conscious.

Basic users:
who consume refrigerator just to satisfy and fulfill their basic needs.

Comfort seeker:
consumers who buy their products which provide comfort along with fulfilling their needs.

Market Segmentation Of Dawlance

Some people like high value stuff with extra qualities so we will provide different stuff ranging minimal to high price
Loyalty Status:
The customers that fall under this segmentation are those who are loyal to Dawlance, and tend to choose products of Dawlance while comparing with others companies because of their past good experience with the firms’ product. Some customers do favorable word of mouth publicity regarding a product, telling friends and family, thus adding them to the number of loyal customers.

Though any person belonging to any occupation have to buy home appliances.
Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Islamabad and many major cities
Social Class:
Energy saver series

Bedroom series

Top Mount

Double French door

Metallic designer series

Enjoy your food longer

H-zone series 

Monogram series

LVS(Low Voltage Start-up series) 

 Relax during power fluctuations 

BCG Matrix


Research feedback


Dawlance provides less credit days to dealers: this causes pressure on dealers to
 Threats of competitors with neck-to-neck market share such as Haier, LG, Orient, PEL, Waves
No laws for copyrights
Low barriers to entry for low end category products

Reduce communication Gap between dealers and sales department
Reduce communication between end customer and sales department.
Open new complain outlets & provide toll free no.
Implement new technology such as the SAP to keep track of sales and profits.
 A proper functioning website.
Open new Dawlance Showrooms (currently only one near NIPA)
Review Credit policy to ease burden of dealers


No Complain outlets.
Communication gap: No toll free no.
No sale tracking systems such as the SAP. Dawlance still works on FoxPro which causes accountability problems with dealers.
Few (only one) retail outlets.
Lack of IT oracle reporting system.
No properly functioning website: customers cannot post a comment or any complain related to the product.


Five (5) Factories
a strong brand name
more than 2000 dealers
High investments in Research and Development projects
Employees are loyal to firm
exports products to Srilanka and Thailand
twenty one (21) cities and 21 branches of sales network
High Resale Value.
Different sizes of products
Dawlance is financially stable.


According to Current Market

Dawlance = Market Leader

PEL = Challengers

Orient = Challengers

Others = Followers

Market share

The main focus of the company is on high end consumers which are the style icons and the influencer because they don’t care about the price, they see a good brand name and style but they also give importance to other segments that are basic users and comfort seeker.
In the end we analyzed that Dawlance is a big local manufacturer of refrigeration industry in Pakistan. Since Dawlance has very strong industrial base as well as deep-rooted marketing network in Pakistan, they don't feel any threat from any of their competitors, either local or from importers

Dawlance has the largest set up with respect to manufacturing capabilities, retail outlets, service centers and distributors. Throughout its 34 years, the company has maintained superior quality standards and can proudly state it is also the first Pakistani company to have been awarded the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Three Challenging Factors:

Firstly, the challenging situation has been created by dealers whose profits have been
reduced due to certain policies
Secondly, the new entrants in the manufacturing industry including manufacturers and
importers, either they are local or foreign investors
Thirdly, due to the expansion in market size

Dawlance- customer oriented:

Dawlance is a customer oriented company because it makes its products according to the needs and wants of customers.

Undifferentiated Marketing (Mass Marketing)—One product, one plan to one basic market.

Concentrated Marketing—One product/plan to one group of consumers.

Differentiated Marketing (Multiple Segmentation)—Appeals to two or more market segments with a different plan for each.

Target Market Approach
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