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Eagle Blue

English project

Sara Shelton

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Eagle Blue

Eagle Blue:
A team, a tribute, and a high school basketball season in arctic Alaska
the Author is Michael D'orso Nonfiction, sports genre Point of view is third person narrative. set in Arctic Fort Yukon, Alaska. one basketball season. Protagonist-
Dave the high school basketball coach Antagonist-
opposing teams
the school board
the city of Fairbanks

theme of part one:
community. When the town is about to fall apart because of money and hardships, the community still comes together to play and support the basketball team because that is all they have left. theme of part two:
Community and teamwork. The team realized that they could not play by themselves. In order to succeed and be the best they had to work as a team. When the village found out about the basketball cuts and the annex proposal, the village protested to be together. They love their town and heritage and did not want to give that up. similes :
And down there to the south, where the pond speckled Flats are laid out like a rug to the gleaming horizon.
This is comparing the Flats to look like a rug across the horizon
-all that pressure seemed to dissipate, to vanish like exhaust puffing out from the back of the van...
This is comparing the pressure leaving, to exhaust leaving a
They take over the city, which is only too happy to have them, a couple of thousands of Natives with cash in their pockets, booking motels buying meals at restaurants, spending their money on shopping sprees that some have saved up for all year. It's like an indigenous carnival.
This is comparing people wanting to spend their money in the new city to a carnivale becuase that is what people like to do at carnivals and new cities. theme part three:
Never give up. Even though they did not know what was going to happen at state and with next season, they still never gave up on their coach or teammates. They trusted each other and that is how they got to be one of the best basketball teams their village ever had. Title:
"They mean well, boys. Cut their veins and they bleed Eagle blue. "
They are the Eagles and their color is blue.
The book is probably more male specific since it talks about a boy basketball team. There is a lot of offensive language. The book is slow and hard to follow if you are not familiar with basketball, but if you do like basketball then it would be a good book to read. Eagle Blue is a story about a small 600 people village that is struggling to keep the native ways alive. The one thing everyone comes together for is the basketball team. The basketball team barely has enough players to play because of the small population and work ethic of the players. The first part of the book tells about all the characters and how they pertain to the basketball team the preseason. The second part of the book talks about their games and how the season went. As the seasons go along the team has their ups and downs in games, struggling to keep all their players. When the team comes back from a tournament they learn that the school board wants to cut the basketball funds for next season. The town also learns that Fairbanks wants to annex the land for oil. Later in the story, the village comes together and protests that act. Eventually Fairbanks backs off.Meanwhile, the team slowly climbs to the top of the 1A class and go to regionals. They win Regionals and go onto the State competition. Read the book to find out what happens at state and what will happen to the team next season!
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