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Ancient Greek Olympic Games

No description

Aubrey Samuelson

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Greek Olympic Games

The Original Olympics had a different purpose
The Olympic Games were created to show physical qualities and evolution of the performances accomplished by the young people.
The Olympics were made to serve the Gods
"The Olympic ceremonies had big sacrifices, up to a hundred oxen; these sacrifices were held at Zeus and Hera's temples in Olympia. "(Stewart Ross, 7)
Claim Statement
Although athletes come from all over the world to compete in the Olympic Games today, the original Olympics were simpler and had a different purpose.
The Ancient Olympic Games
The Importance of the Olympics
The Olympics had traditional ceremonies that were based off of Greek Religion.
There was a ceremony before the Olympic Games began, one right after a victor won his event, and a ceremony the last day of the Olympics.
"If someone won an event the judge would announce the victors name, fathers name, the city he is from, and perform traditional actions towards the victor. (Wrap Red Ribbons, Place sacred olive branch on the victors hand, etc.)
Winning an event in the Olympics gives pride to your city and your family." (Olympic.org)
The Original Olympics were simpler
There were only 8 events to compete in.
"Only men of Greece, with no criminal record, could compete.
Married women could not attend because the men were naked and they could no betray their husband, UN-married women could attend and watch."(Mark Cartwright)
Each victor would be announced a winner right after the event they competed in.
Ancient Greek Olympic Games
Ancient Olympic Video
This video segment shows the competition and importance of the Original Olympics.
The Olympics are a very important and popular event in society today. The Olympics started in Greece and over time became widely known, competitive, and important to athletes. Although athletes come from all over the world to compete in the olympic Games today. The original Olympics were simpler, very important, and had a different purpose.

The Olympics started with a purpose to serve the gods and show off physical qualities of the Greek citizens. The Olympics were created in Greece and became more competitive and important to athletes as the event spread all over the world. The Olympics grew into an entertaining, important, and popular event in society today.
Thanks to the Greeks, athletes from all over the world strive to be an Olympian, and the best athlete they can be.
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