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COLT Conference

No description

Mlle Decker

on 28 November 2014

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Transcript of COLT Conference

First Steps
Setting Up Your Blog
Why Blog?
Keep parents in
the know
Original laptop image by Jared C. Benedict, via Wikimedia Commons
Post Ideas
Photos of Students and Activities
APPR Align
Domain 1 - Planning & Preparation
Foreign Language Classroom Blogs:
-Chiltern Edge MFL - http://chilternedgemfl.typepad.com/chiltern-edge-mfl/
-Mount Vernon French - http://mountvernonfrench.blogspot.com
-Mme Henderson - http://mmehenderson.typepad.com/my_weblog/
-Mme Chance's French Page - http://mmechance.wordpress.com
-Thirsk Languages - http://thirsklangs.edublogs.org
-Ritzy Français - http://ritzyfrancais.blogspot.com
-Ritzy Español - http://ritzyespanol.blogspot.com
-Sans problèmes! - http://mmeperkins.typepad.com/my_weblog/
-Nottingham High School Languages - http://www.nottinghamhighmfl.co.uk
-All Saints Languages (Defunct but great): http://allsaintslanguagesblog.typepad.co.uk/all_saints_languages_blog/

Other Great Blogs for Language Teachers:
-Resources for the MFL Classroom - http://michellecairnsmfl.wordpress.com
-Ritzy Language - http://www.catherineritz.org
-Box of Tricks - http://www.boxoftricks.net/blog/
-My Languages - http://isabellejones.blogspot.com
-The Langwitch Chronicles - http://www.helenabutterfield.net
-Changing Phase - http://changing-phase.blogspot.com
-Musicuentos - http://musicuentos.com
-Chez Renée - http://ideasforfrenchclass.blogspot.com
-Integrating ICT Into the MFL Classroom - http://joedale.typepad.com/integrating_ict_into_the_/
-Fiona's French Classroom - http://frenchclassroom.wordpress.com
-Creative Language Class - http://creativelanguageclass.wordpress.com
-The Comprehensible Classroom - http://martinabex.com

The opinions on these blogs are those of the creators and do not necessarily represent my own.
by Samantha Decker
Using a blog to connect
with Students and families

Why Blog?
First Steps
Post Ideas
APPR Align
Student involvement
outside of class
APPR Ready &
Easy Evidence Collection
Student Work
Domain 2 - The Classroom Environment
Domain 3 - Instruction
Domain 4 -
FeedBurner (already included on Blogger)
Email and feed reader subscriptions
Getting Permissions
Curate content for your students to read
Component 1d: Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources
-Resources for students

Component 1e: Designing Coherent Instruction
-Learning activities
Component 2b: Establishing a Culture of Learning
-Student Pride in Work
Component 3c: Engaging Students
in Learning
-Activities & Assignments
Component 4c: Communicating with Families
-Information about the instructional program
-Engagement of families in the instructional program

Component 4f: Showing Professionalism
-Compliance with school district regulations
Blogging on the Go
Flickr/Google Maps
Brainstorming Discussion
1. How can you involve students on your
blog? (Besides the ideas mentioned earlier)

2. How can you use your blog to provide
enrichment to advanced or enthusiastic

3. What content do you think your students like looking at on the internet? How can you
incorporate that into your blog?
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