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Urban Planning and Ecology

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lo lo

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Urban Planning and Ecology

3 Major aspects
-Environmental Protection
-Poor living environment
-Public Health
What can be done by the government?
Administrative and legislative measures
Urban Planning and Environment
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
What is Urban Planning ?
尸Is the current urban planning in HK environmental friendly enough?
District planning
i) Statutory Plans
Project planning
- Consideration and evaluation was done for the designs of specific projects at the very beginning
- Under Town Planning Ordinance
- Broad land use of every district , includes: residential , commercial , industrial...
- For large but discrete projects
e.g. require EIA for some projects
- Prepared by planners which should promote the health, safety and general welfare of the community (Town Planning Ordinance ,2012)
Urban redevelopment
Tung Chung New Town
Case Study!
Building Density
- Target capacity : 220,000
- Plot ratio : 5 - 6
buildings layout
- Average levels of buildings
- Distance between buildings
Tung Chung Crescent

Case Study
High density buildings
High air pollution
Poor ventilation
- Mismatch of resources
- Includes *Outline Zoning Plans & Development Permission Plans
Bicylce System
- Complete bicycle tracks
- Poor ancillary equipment
- Little parking space
- No advanced stop line
- No clear segregation from vehicles
Case Study
Government Policy
I) Extension of Tung Chung new town
- Objective: capacity
- Large scale reclamation : 120 +14 = 134 ha
Reclamation extent in Tung Chung East

Reclamation extent in Tung Chung West

- Loss of food
- Possible extinction
- Cumulative reclamation area
- Exacerabate pollution
*Hierarchy of town plans
Strategic planning門
- To cope with forecast expansion in housing, employment, population and transport demands
*i) Territory Development Strategy (TDS)
*ii) Sub-regional structure plans
- Formulate territory-wide land use infrastructure development
-TDS reviews
- Redefining environmental planning and powers
- Setting stricter guidelines and rules
- Industrial redevelopment
- Includes environmental objectives
Introduce Environmental Auditing
- Reviewing policies periodically
e.g. SSSI in DPA and some OZP are now omitted or with boundaries incorrectly shown
e.g EIA -> statutorily obligatory policy
e.g. Kwun Tong & Hung Hom
e.g. PD <-> EPD
- Continuous monitoring of projects with significant environmental implications
- Explore improvement
- Enforce commitment in environmental management
environmental objectives should be given priority over economic ones
Environmental Protection

-Preservation of Natural Resources
-E.g. in Hong Kong, Chinese White Dolphins and HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge
Poor Urban Design
-Ventilation of (fresh/polluted) air
-Unsustainable infrastructure
-Unsustainable communities
-Urban Environmental Degration
-Failed Greening
Public Health
Poor general living condition
Burden on Public Health Services
Brings physical and mental impact to people
Economically harmed due to lowered productivity (PS Also by poor image if the city)
Sustainable Development
Case Study:
Habitat at stake for the construction
- Greening since 1960s initiated by Lee Kwan Yew
- From "Garden in a City" to "City in a Garden"
- Development that improves the long-term social and ecological health of cities and towns (Wheeler, 2004)
Compact, efficient land use;

Less automobile use, yet better access;
Efficient resource use; less pollution and waste;
The restoration of natural systems
Good housing and living environments
A healthy social ecology
A sustainable economy;
Community participation and involvement
preservation of local culture and wisdom
Initiated back in 1998
- To what extent do you think urban planning can help protect the environment?
- How can we strike a balance between development and environmental protection through urban planning?
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