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Welcome to Preview Day!

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TAMS Admissions

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to Preview Day!

Welcome to Preview Day!
What is TAMS?
What Makes TAMS Unique?
All classes are college courses taught by UNT faculty.
TAMS students do not have to fulfill Texas Education Agency requirements high school graduation.
Texas Legislature allows TAMS to create its own curriculum and requirements.
Students have a transcript from the University of North Texas.
Students receive an Advanced High School Diploma from TAMS.
early college admission program
- students must live on UNT campus in TAMS dorm, McConnell Hall.
a two-year program only. Students withdraw from high school after 10th grade.
the only program of its kind in Texas.
TAMS Student with research adviser at an international conference
Accelerate qualified students' education providing a challenging academic environment.
Provide two years of college courses that prepare students for STEM majors and careers (science, technology, engineering, & mathematics).
Introduce Students to scientific research mentored by STEM faculty and professionals.
Provide students with intellectual peer group
Cost and Expectations
Tuition, fees, books paid by TAMS.
Room and board, $7,760 per year paid by family.
Program Charge of $1,300 per year.
Financial Aid available.
Funded by Legislature, Texas Education Agency, and UNT.
"Why I should apply to TAMS."
"Why I should
apply to TAMS..."
"I am a gifted underachiever."
"My parents insist, but I really want to stay in high school."
"I want to ensure admission to an Ivy League College."
"My brother/sister/cousin went to TAMS so I probably should too."
"I just want to get two years of college out of the way."
A Typical Week at TAMS: Biology Track
Academy students can earn up to 72+ college credit hours in two years at TAMS.

Students receive an Advanced High School Diploma from TAMS.

PLUS, all TAMS students have an opportunity to perform research with UNT professors
Experimental labs and Mentored research in any academic fields
TAMS students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4-point scale.
Where did the Class of 2015 go?
Academic Programs
All TAMS Classes are regular UNT courses taught by UNT faculty
This is Success
3.0 GPA
Anything that we have to learn we learn by the actual doing of it... we become just by performing just acts, temperate by performing temperate ones, brave by performing brave ones.

Aristotle, Ethics

Self-governing Boards
Student Council, Judicial Board
Academic, Career, and Recreation Clubs
Math, Science, Health Professions, Drama, Music, Diversity Club, Community Service, Yearbook Prom
Academy Service Groups
Ambassadors, Senior Mentors, Residential Computer Consultants
University Organizations
ReSolv, Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity, Young Republicans, Asian Student Association, D.E.C.A., Etc.
What we "hope" to grow into your student.

Who Provides Services?
Academy Psychologist
Patrick Turnock, Ph.D.
Prior Experience: Priceless!
Office in Sage Hall
Psychological Assistant
Andrew Shelton
Ph.D. Graduate Student
Office in McConnell Hall
What Services are Provided?
Broad range of general counseling issues
Adjustment to new environment
study time, homesickness
Identity issues
Test anxiety
Time management/study skills
Conflict resolution
Career Assessment/Counseling
Assessment Instruments
Exploratory Tools
In Case of Crisis
For example, family member ill; relationship break-up
Available to students 24/7
Available to hear parents' concerns
All Services Available
Free of Charge
Without session limits
TAMS is:
Unique partnership between Legislature and UNT.
Established 1987.
First class entered in 1988, graduated in 1990.
Admit about 200 students each year.
Graduated more than 4,000 students.
Options for Academic Challenge
High School
AP classes taught by high school teachers.
Dual enrollment: high school and community college.
Early admission to some universities.
Classes taught by PhD level university faculty.
TAMS curriculum at 4-year research university.
Age-appropriate structure, rules, supervision, and peer group.
"I am a high achiever."
"I am not challenged by high school classes."
"There are no more courses for me in high school."
"I want to be with people who enjoy academic challenges."
"I am interested in a career in math, science, or engineering."
"I want to do real research."
What does it cost?
"It's not for everybody."
"Although rewarding, it is challenging."
"Success here requires self-motivation, time management, impulse control, character, resiliency, and a strong commitment to studying and class preparation."
"It's about opportunities..."
Biology or Computer Science (2 semesters)
Chemistry (2 semesters)
Physics (2 semesters)
Mathematics through Calculus II (3 semesters)
Composition/Literature (4 semesters)
History (2 semesters)
Political Science (1 semester)
Coursework Required
Murchison Performing Arts Center
Academic Support Services
Two academic counselors
Math and Writing Labs
College Advising
35 to UT Austin
29 to UT Dallas
11 to Texas A&M
33 to other schools in Texas
64 to Out-of-State schools
Cornell, Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Cal Tech, New York University, M.I.T., Harvard,
UC Berkley, Colorado State, University of Oklahoma, Purdue, University of Virginia, University of Cambridge, Washington University in St. Louis, Syracuse, University of Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech, University of Florida, University of Alabama, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Emory, Dartmouth, University of Pennsylvania, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Wellesley, Colorado State, University of South Carolina

Student Life
Getting the Most Out of Campus Living
Leonardo's "Balanced Man"
Helping students to practice safe behaviors, develop self-discipline, and learn to live in a diverse community.
Helping students to explore new interest and to develop leadership skills.
Helping students to adjust to having more independence and responsibility in addition to increasing their community awareness.
21 Live-in Staff
staff to student ratio of 1:18
2 Hall Directors (full-time professionals)
4 Program Advisers
(Half-time UNT Students)
15 Resident Assistants
(Half-Time UNT Students)
On-Call Professionals
Assistant Dean for Student Life
Assistant Director of Student Life
Academy Psychologist
A student who can:
Live independently form the family.
Understand a university schedule and procedures.
Possess a responsibility to their community while recognizing they share a good amount of the responsibility due to their ability.
Advance their particular interest utilizing professional, administrative and rhetorical skills.
Maximize these next two years exploring their passion and interests.
TAMS Code of Conduct
Community respect for the individual, individual respect for the community, and integrity in all things are the foundations upon which we base our lives.
A TAMS Student
Experience the Magic of 374 Teenagers living in a single building!
Alberto Him '15
Serena Delgadillo '14

US Citizen, Texas Resident, Sophomore
Complete Geometry, Algebra I and II
7th-10th grade report cards
SAT scores
Waiver form for teacher evaluations
References from counselor and from math, science, and English teachers
December 10th
- Early Decision deadline
February 25th
- Regular Decision deadline
June 9th-10th
- Orientation, Friday & Saturday
Interview Day
Invitation only
Algebra tests
Closed file interview
Small groups
Non-academic questions
Response sheet
Admission Factors
Counselor/Teacher Evaluations
SAT (Best Single Score)
Interviewer impressions
Interview Day Math scores
Is TAMS Right For You?
Considering the Options: Student Version
Parent Version
Am I prepared to leave family and friends?
How much would I miss tennis ( or and, theater, etc.?)
Am I really ready for greater responsibilities?
How mature is my child?
How prepared am I to have my child leave home early?
How responsible is my child without direct parental supervision?
Waiver of Access
Under FERPA 1974, you have the right to inspect evaluation letters.
Waiving your rights, however, is recommended.

I waive access to all evaluations submitted on my behalf to TAMS. I understand this means I will not be able to see the letter(s).

I do NOT waive my access to evaluations.
Who Will Be Invited to Interview?
Selection Committee
10 Professionals
Not approved for admission
How many applications are expected?

How many people will be granted interviews?

How many will be admitted?

How many will be waitlisted?
TAMS has a structured/required curriculum, but includes opportunities for students to take electives beyond STEM fields.
A Typical Week at TAMS: Computer Science Track
Epigenetic Effects of Hypoxia on the Morphology and Physiology of Drosophila
Dynamic Effect of Micro Particles in a Liquid

Investigation of the JAK-STAT Signaling Pathway in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
JAK3: Not Just Another Kinase Target for Leukemia and Lymphoma Therapy
2015 Siemens Competition
15 Semifinalists
3 Regional Finalists
2016 Intel Science Talent Search
8 Semifinalists
2016 Goldwater Scholarship Program
4 Winners
Summer Bridge Program
Some students admitted to the Academy will be invited to take part in Summer Bridge to help them build a more solid foundation before beginning courses in Fall 2017.
Students will be identified based on their SAT Writing scores and on their math placement score at Summer Orientation.
Bridge Program = Early July to Early August. Students dedicated to attending TAMS should keep July clear in case they are invited to participate in Summer Bridge
Academic Integrity and Dishonesty
Copying from another student during a test or exam with or without his or her knowledge.
Using unpermitted notes during a test, or obtaining information from someone who has already taken the test.
Copying material from another source and turning it in as your own, or turning in work done by someone else and saying it is your work.
TAMS Student Handbook 2016-2017
“Students with a documented case of academic dishonesty may be dismissed from the Academy.”

A Two Year Cost Comparison Estimate


All fees and program charges are
subject to change
pending the final decisions of the university!
Questions during the presentation?
Send an email to
Your question might be answered during our Q&A panel at the end of our presentation.
Student Panel
Eric Zhu
Class of 2017
Gabriella Webster
Class of 2017
Shraddha Trehan
Class of 2018
Nihal Kotragouda
Class of 2018
Gabriella Webster, Biology
Previous Courses or Credit
does not accept
AP credit for any core course
does not accep
t high school courses as prerequisites for TAMS core classes
A placement test will determine a student’s math course
A placement test will determine a student’s computer science course
GPAs for Last Year
Class of 2016= Cumulative GPA-

Class of 2017= Cumulative GPA-
*estimate for 2016-2017
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