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Offset Season Social Media

No description

Steven Wright

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Offset Season Social Media

Objectives: -Increase social media presence across all platforms in time to promote new EP by June 2013.

-Schedule photo shoot for use on sites.

-Coordinate all band bios to be uniform.

-Have website up and running again. -Increase FB likes to minimum 2,300.
-Increase Weekly Total Reach to min. 500
-Generate buzz for new EP.
-Make weekly posts about new shows/songs/album. -Increase Twitter followers to min. 1,000.
-Follow fans of other similar bands and hope they are #TeamFollowBack
-Have them spread the word.
-Use hashtags of album name/song titles and #OffsetSeason
-Do not tweet in excess. < or = 10/day (not including RTs) -Create an Instagram & gain min. 1,000 followers.
-Link to Facebook for followers and exposure.
-Post and re-gram from my personal account (@OffsetSteven) -Switch Google + from human to Page
-Increase to 1,000 +1s
-Get in 500 circles.
-Live Hangout with fans.
-Eventual Google AdSense/Adwords -Increase YouTube subscribers to min. 100.
-Video updates from the studio.
-Album teaser video.
-"Making of the Album" video.
-Music videos.
-Eventual monetization of channel. -OffsetSeason.com domain reacquired from GoDaddy.
-Up and functional as central hub of all social media including those listed & others like PureVolume, iTunes etc.
-Bios for band members, pictures, videos, etc.
-Location for official fan club, The Offset Nation or as it will appear on Twitter, #OffsetNation.
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