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Internet and Email Safety

A prezi designed to help you understand general things you should NOT do when using the internet

Aadrian Velasquez

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Internet and Email Safety

Internet and Email Safety 101 Threat 1 Viruses Threat 2
Threat 3 Objectives Viruses Scams and Frauds 1 2 3 Some of the effects of viruses include but are not limited to: Slow machine, Loss of computer Memory, Information being extracted, Damage your computer, Wiped HDD, achy knees, constant sneezng, broken bones, and nostalgia. (the last 4 arent) Avoiding Them You should always have antivirus software and malware removal software on your computer and run regular checks on your computer some examples of antivirus software are Norton and ESET Examples Deals that sound too good to be
true normally are Mostly appear in pop-up ads and banners can cause identity theft, loss of money and depts to you Avoiding -Don't readily give up personal information -protect your information with passwords that only you would know -avoid untrusted/unknown websites 4 To educate you on internet/email safety To educate you on what viruses, scamming and spoofing are To show you how to act when you are the victim to get you to have fun Internet safety? What's that? Email safety? What's that? internet safety is the steps you need to take so you can stay safe on the internet and not fall into the clutches of the evil hackers and spammers. Email safety is what you can do to keep safe within your email. For example, when you get an "odd" email, if you dont recognize the sender, just delete it. if you do recognize the sender but it seems odd, contact the sender with some other medium. Effects of Viruses Spoofing What is it? The act of taking control of another persons email or other account of any kind and pretending to be them. How can you tell when spoofing is occuring? Normally the signs are that emails or other things are being sent from your or another persons email, facebook, ect. when it is not really you or that person. How can you avoid this? use common sense and protect your information. Fun Facts Steve Jobs, the creator of the Apple Corporation, created viruses to screw with Windows users
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